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Adobe PDF Form Support and Signatures

Many of the Human Resources forms are interactive, and therefor must be opened using an official Adobe product such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.  Often computers are set by default to open in a web browser or basic PDF viewer that does not support all functionality.  If you are receiving an error opening a PDF form:

  1. Open Adobe Reader or Acrobat, then select 'File > Open' and locate the PDF you which to review/complete.
  2. Change your computers default PDF viewer to Adobe Reader or Acrobat.  For assistance performing this change please contact your Department Computer Administrator or the ITServices Support Centre.

Tablets and Handheld Devices
Adobe products offered through App Stores are not full versions, and do not support advanced features.  The desktop Adobe applications are required.

Digital Signatures

There are 2 ways to digitally sign a PDF document.  Which method to use often depends on the format you receive the document.  Fillable PDF's often provide the ability to use Certificate Based Signatures (Recommended), where scanned PDFs can be signed by Drawing Your Own Signature.

Certificate Based Signature (Recommended)

This option allows you to keep the quick sign-off on PDF documents but with added security making the signature difficult to forge. Recommended for:

  • PDF that has designated signature block (You can typically identify the field by its red tag)
  • Important and confidential document


  1. Once the form is ready for signature, simply place your cursor anywhere on the designated signature block (highlighted in yellow) and click on it.

  2. A new configuration digital ID screen will appear. Click “Configure New Digital ID”

  3. Select the “Create a new Digital ID” option and continue

  4. Choose “Save to Windows Certificate Store” and continue

  5. Enter the key information for your digitial ID as highlighted and save

  6. Once saved, you will see the newly created digital ID. Select the Digital ID and click “Continue”

  7. To complete the signature process, click the “Sign” button. Note that Adobe will prompt you to save a local copy of the PDF file once you click “Sign”. If not, please do save a local copy to ensure the document is stored on your machine.

  8. Once saved, the signature field will be populated automatically and your document is now digitally signed.

Sign by Drawing Your Own Sign

This option allows you to sign a document using your own signature using either a mousepad or on a touch screen. Recommended for:

  • Scanned version or converted PDF documents from MS Words or other document format
  • Documents that require signer’s official signature
  • Internal staff or external client such as hiring candidate


  1. Once the PDF is opened with Adobe, click on the Sign Document icon on the ribbon once the form is ready for signature

  2. A “Fill & Sign” ribbon will appear with more option. Select “Add Signature” under the Sign icon.

  3. Click the Draw tab

  4. Add your signature by drawing above the blue line. If you wish to start over, click the “Clear” button the right side of the screen. Once you are satisfied with your signature, click “Apply”

  5. Your signature will now appear on the document. Carefully position the signature by dragging it. Once you are satisfied with the position, simply click outside the textbox.

  6. You can also add a date using the “Add Text” feature on the “Fill & Sign” ribbon

  7. Click where you would like to enter the date value and simply proceed.

  8. Make sure you save the file and you are done!