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Department Head Delegation

Department heads are responsible for signing all employment contracts issued by a department to ensure the hire and all associated costs are approved. While it is possible to delegate contract signing authority to administrative staff, it is strongly recommended that such delegation not be given to a person who has the ability to create a contract.  

Submit a Delegate Request Form

To authorize delegation, submit the Department Head Signing Delegation (HR-FRM-034) form to the main Human Resources office. This form must  be approved by the Department Head as well as the faculty Business Officer or alternate.

Before completing this form, please ensure the delegate has an up to date HR electronic Statement of Confidentiality. Submitted forms will be rejected if the Statement of Confidentiality is not up to date.

Department Head Signing Delegation (HR-FRM-034)
Requires Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Run  the Approved Contracts Report

When contract Department Head signing authority has been delegated, a Contract Approval report must be run at the end of each month in which contracts have been created. This report must be verified and signed by the Department Head to indicate their knowledge of the contracts that have been approved that month on their behalf. This report must be retained for a period of seven years for audit purposes.

Run the report in PeopleSoft by following the navigation Workforce Administration > Workforce Reports > Dept Head Approved Contracts.