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HR PeopleSoft Update Features

May 7, 2018

Based on your security and your role, you may see the following new features. If you require any assistance regarding the new features, please contact your HR Client Services Advisor.

Biographical Search

This new feature changes how you would search for a person using their name. The format in which the 'Name' field is entered in the search has been updated to be Last Name then First Name (eg:  doejane).  If you would like to search by first name only, you will need to select the 'contains' option from the dropdown.  Below are screenshots for your reference.





Process Scheduler Pop-Out

In the current environment, the process scheduler request is on its own page.  In the updated environment, a new window will open when you click on the 'Run' button.

Example of Process Scheduler prior to update:

Screenshot of Process Scheduler prior to update

Example of Process Scheduler after update:

Example of Process Scheduler after update

Predictive Typing

This new feature will provide suggestions based on the information you type within the search fields. For example, when you search for an employee’s timesheet using their Employee ID, as you enter the ID, a drop down list of suggestions will display based on the available matches.  You can continue typing in the information you have, or select the applicable match from the list of suggestions.

Sceenshot example of Predictive Typing