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Vacation Balance Report


View vacation balances for the specified employee or department. The report includes total vacation time earned, adjusted, carried over, and taken year to date. 


  • Include only active employees that have accrued vacation time
  • Limited to PeopleSoft department access

Running the Report

  1. Navigation: Tme and Labor > Reports > Vacation Balance Report
  2. Enter the Run Control (a new one may need to be created when running for the first time) and click Search
  3. In addition to the criteria above, this query uses optional prompts for EmplID, and DeptID. Leave both blank to return all employee included in your access.
  4. Click Run then click OK on the Process Scheduler Request Screen
  5. Click on the Process Monitor link
  6. When Run Status = Success and Distribution Status = Posted click Details (may need to click Refresh to update values)
  7. Click on View Log/Trace
  8. The report is run to Excel, click on QU_BB_Vacation_Balance_report.xls to open

Included Fields

Field Name Description
Employee ID 8 digit ID of the person being reported
Name Preferred name Last Name, First Name
Job Record Employee Record being reported
Last Accrual Date Last date that Leave Accrual Balance was updated
Department ID Department ID for vaction being reported
Department Department Title
Vacation Service Date Date that the employee was enrolled in vacation (service intervals for calculation begin as of this date)
Hours Earned YTD Hours earned within calendar year as of Last Accrual Date
Hours Carryover YTD Hours balance carried over from December 31st of previous year
Hours Adjusted YTD Hours adjusted within calendar year as of Last Accrual Date
Hours Reported Hours reported in PeopleSoft Time and Labor that have been processed by Payroll. Only hours reported prior to payroll cutoff with a date up to and including the Accrual Date will be reflected as Hours Reported.
Hours Balance Sum of Hours Earned + Hours Carryover + Hours Adjusted - Hours Reported above

Required Security

  • Job Data and Departmental Timekeeper


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