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Internet Browser Pop-up Blockers

While browsing web content some webpages or Queen's Applications may use pop-ups to display information.  If your Internet Browser has Pop-up Blockers enabled, it may prevent the content from opening.  To disable Pop-up blockers please follow the below instructions:

Internet Explorer 11

When you select content that uses a pop-up Internet Explorer will display the following prompt:

"Internet Explorer blocked a pop-up from _____________".  (example:  *
Where the blank is above, it will provide the website's information.

  • On the prompt select 'Options for this Site'
  • Click "Always Allow"

The pop-up page should now load.  If the pop-up does not appear, refresh the page, and try to access the content again.

Safari on Mac

Please note the below instructions disables pop-up blocker for all sites, not just the site you are visiting.

  • Select Safari -> Preferences
  • Select Security Tab
  • Uncheck block pop-up windows