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Postdoctoral Fellow Hiring Procedure

This document explains the procedures for hiring a Post-doctoral Fellow.

The Recruitment and Selection Process

The recruitment and selection process for hiring a Post-doctoral Fellow (PDF) is managed by the Faculty Supervisor or designate. When recruiting, the Faculty Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the recruitment process:

  • adheres to all relevant legislation, including the Human Rights Code and the Employment Standards Act.
  • considers Queen's employment equity goals. Visit the Equity Office for more information on Queen’s Employment Equity Initiatives.
  • Adheres to recruiting and posting requirements contained in the Collective Agreement for positions that fall within the scope of the bargaining unit.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Posting Template

Steps to Hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow

International candidates offered a Post-doctoral Fellowship need to obtain the necessary documentation for admission to Canada, and the right to work at Queen’s University. A work permit is required for all international Post-doctoral Fellows. In addition, citizens of some countries also need a temporary resident visa before they can enter Canada. All Post-doctoral Fellows must also have valid social insurance number, in order to be paid by the university.

Without proper documentation, the candidate cannot be paid nor commence work at Queen’s.

The following documentation will be required to obtain a work permit/visa:
- A valid passport
- Queen’s offer of employment letter
- CV, original doctoral degree, or letter form the granting institution confirming receipt of degree
- Evidence of financial support in Canada (stipend)

The offer of employment is made on the condition that, on or before the start date, the candidate will, obtain all necessary documentation and clearances to enter Canada and work at Queen’s University. Information on how and where to obtain the work permit and visa is available through the Faculty Recruitment and Support program.

  1. Complete the Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Datasheet (HR-FRM-045). Complete all fields on the data sheet including the information detailing the sources of funding. This information is used to determine bargaining unit status. 
  2. Complete the PDF Offer of Employment letter using either the Queen’s funded-PDF Offer Template or the Externally Funded-PDF Offer Template. If you have questions about which template to use or you need to modify the template contact the Faculty Relations Office at 613-533-3133.
  3. Ensure that the candidate accepts the offer of employment by signing and returning an original copy of the offer prior to the start date of the appointment.
  4. Work Permit/Visa Requirements for international candidates:
  5. Submit the following documents to Human Resources, prior to Payroll cut-off dates to ensure that the appointment is set-up in HR PeopleSoft prior to the start date.
    a.The PDF Offer of Employment letter with the employee’s signed acceptance.
    b.HR-FRM-045, the Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Datasheet
    c.HR-FRM-031, the Payroll - Direct Deposit Authorization form
  6. UHIP Coverage: Contact Human Resources to make an appointment for the new employee to enroll in UHIP prior to the employee’s first day. University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage is mandatory for all employees who are not already covered under a Provincial Health Plan in Canada (e.g. OHIP).
  7. Advise your new hire to contact Human Resources to make an appointment for payroll documentation and benefits enrolment. Employees must sign-up for benefits within 31 days of their hire date, in order to avoid the late application process.

Contact Information

  • For questions on the recruiting process and on the processing of the appointment in HR PeopleSoft contact Human Resources at or 613-533-2070.
  • For questions regarding the offer of employment and bargaining unit status contact Faculty Relations at 613-533-3133
  • For questions relating to the grant funding process contact Research Services at or 613-533-6081.
  • For questions about setting up the appropriate chart fields from which salary and benefits are to be paid contact the Research Accounting Unit at or 613-533-6000 extension 75616.
  • For question regarding work permit/visa requirements, contact the Faculty Recruitment and Support program office at 613-533-3167.