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Performance Dialogue Process

The Performance Dialogue Process (PDP) provides an opportunity for meaningful communication between supervisors and employees about their work and contributions. The documents linked to this page correspond to two processes at Queen’s: the PDP for Grades 2 to 9 and the PDP for the Queen’s Managerial and Professional Group (QMPG).

The purpose of the performance dialogue is to:

  • Review objectives from the previous year and set objectives for the coming year
  • Provide a focus on feedback and a structure for ongoing coaching and communication between supervisor and employee
  • Review quality of work performance and personal contribution
  • Evaluate and develop staff performance to achieve agreed-upon objectives.
We recommend that you open PDF documents using an official Adobe product such as Adobe Reader. If you experience issues downloading the form or need assistance installing Adobe Reader, please contact the IT Support Centre.  
Grades 2-9
PDP Guide (373 KB)
PDP Form (50 KB)
Microsoft Word (.docx)
QMPG and Administrative Executives

PDP Guide (771 KB)

PDP Form (HR-FRM-059) (1.68 MB)
Requires Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Timelines for the 2017-18 Performance Cycle for QMPG Employees

Timeline/Deadline Action for rating of: “New to Role”, “Requires Improvement to Meet Expectations” & “Successfully Meets Expectations” Action for rating of:
“Outstanding Achievement” ONLY
Please See Additional Comments  Below
In April Supervisors may request self‐assessment performance reviews from their employees and book review meetings A self‐assessment by employee is not mandatory
In April Supervisors meet with employees to review and discuss final PDP for 2017‐18 and begin the process of planning Objectives for the 2018‐19 year  
By April 27   Supervisor finalizes PDP, without notifying the employee of a pending “Outstanding Achievement” rating and without employee signature. Recommendation of ‘Outstanding Achievement’ submitted to the AVP, Unit Head or Dean Submission to the AVP, Unit  Head or Dean must include the completed PDP form as well as a memo from the Supervisor providing rationale for ‘Outstanding Achievement’.
By May 1   Where the AVP, Unit Head or Dean agrees with the recommended rating of Outstanding Achievement they will forward the PDP to the VP. If not, PDP returned to Supervisor Supervisor’s recommendations of “Outstanding Achievement”, including completed PDP form as well as a memo is provided to the VP. AVP, Unit Head or Dean may add additional comments.
By May 10   ‘Outstanding Achievement’ rated PDP approved by the VP are forwarded to the Principal for approval. If not, PDP returned to the AVP, Unit Head or Dean. Supervisor’s recommendations of “Outstanding Achievement” is provided to
Principal for review. This includes the completed PDP form as well as a memo from
the Supervisor providing the rationale for the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ rating. VP may add additional comments.
May 11‐
May 24
  Principal reviews recommended “Outstanding Achievement” rated PDPs  
By May 24   Response from Principal to VPs PDPs returned to VP, indicating whether the recommended “Outstanding Achievement” is approved
By May 29   VP returns Principal’s response to AVP, Unit Head or Dean. Then returned to Supervisor.  
By June 7 Supervisor finalizes PDP and meets with employee to communicate rating. Supervisor meets with employee to communicate “Outstanding Achievement” rating  
By June 8 Completed & signed forms returned to HR  

Please note: Forms received after June 8 will not be processed for the July 2018 Payroll

Please contact Organizational Development and Learning, Queen's Human Resources, for complete details about implementing these Performance Dialogue Processes.