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Action Words

The Position Summary is an important part of any hiring process. It is the basis for:

  • determining the level of compensation for the position

  • developing the employment advertisement

  • determining whether candidates are qualified for the position.

As such, it is crucial that the Position Summary create a realistic picture of the job, one that reflects the nature and scope of the job.

When preparing this job summary, use of the following action words, as appropriate, will assist the Researcher or Supervisor in clarifying the tasks involved and in defining the nature of the job responsibilities.

Accepts Batches Creates Facilitates Inspects Observes Reports
Acts Calculates Delegates Figures Instructs Obtains Represents
Administers Circulates Designs Files Interprets Operates Requests
Advises Classifies Determines Fills in Investigates Organizes Researches
Allocates Codes Develops Fines Issues Outlines Reviews
Analyzes Collects Devises Follows up Itemizes Oversees Revises
Anticipates Compiles Directs Formulates Lists Participates Schedules
Approves Conducts Disseminates Furnishes Locates Performs Screens
Arranges Consolidates Documents Generates Maintains Plans Selects
Ascertains Constructs Drafts Guides Manages Prepares Specifies
Assigns Consults Edits Identifies Measures Processes Studies
Assists Coordinates Ensures Implements Modifies Proposes Troubleshoots
Audits Corrects Establishes Informs Monitors Rates Utilizes
Authorizes Correlates Evaluates Initiates Negotiates Records Verifies
Balances Counsels Examines Inputs Notifies Refers Writes