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CareerQ Basics

Queen’s University uses CareerQ, which is a recruitment software that helps facilitate the recruitment process.  All General Staff and Research Grant & Contract competitions are facilitated using this system.

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Steps for getting started

Step 1

If you require a designate to manage the recruitment process within CareerQ on your behalf, please send the name of your designate to your HR Advisor and request Hiring Manager access for that designate. (Typically 24hrs)

Step 2

Reference the CareerQ Reference Guide for Hiring Managers while you complete your hire.  This document provides step by step instructions for activities you need to perform in CareerQ over the course of your hire.

Step 3

Review the Staffing Request Form Approvals and Adding and Inviting Committee Members to Review Training Materials that provide detailed visual instructions on obtaining approvals using CareerQ, which will initiate the recruitment process.

Step 4

Login to CareerQ to complete the Staffing Request Form (SRF) and begin the process as outlined in Step 2.

Note: If your approval process requires you to include the job description with the SRF, you must first complete a revised job description, which you can then attach as part of the approval process.  Contact your HR Advisor if you require assistance with this.

Training Materials

Create a Staffing Request Form

Learn how to create a Staffing Request Form (SRF), request approvals for your hire, and monitor approvals in progress.

Editing a Staffing Request Form

Learn how edit an Staffing Request Form (SRF).

Adding and Inviting Committee Members to Review

Learn how to add Hiring Committee members to a competition and send an email invite to review applicants and provide feedback using CareerQ.

Hiring Committee Review and Feedback

Learn how to review and provide feedback on candidates as a Hiring Committee Member.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I want my Departmental Admin to have full access to support me with all stages of the recruitment process – how can I do that?
    This requires that your Departmental Admin be assigned the Hiring Manager role in CareerQ.  Email the name of your designate (in this case, your Departmental Admin) to your HR Advisor and request that they arrange Hiring Manager access for that designate.  (Typically access will be granted within 24hrs).
  2. I’m appointing someone – do I have to use the system?
    Yes.  The approval process is now completed digitally.  You are required to use the system to complete a Staffing Request Form (SRF) and ensure required approvals are obtained for the appointment.  You should advise the individual being appointed that they will need to have a Profile in CareerQ in order to process their letter of offer.
  3. Where do I access position numbers for the SRF or a combo code?
    Contact your Departmental Admin and/or your Budget/Staffing Officer for this information.  As a last option, contact your HR Advisor for this information.
  4. How do I get CareerQ training?
    Online training modules are located above on in the Online CareerQ Training Materials section.
  5. Can my HR Advisor just email me the resumes?
    Due to privacy concerns around sending sensitive information by email, Human Resources is not able to email resumes.  Reviewing resumes in CareerQ is easy and the system can be accessed   anywhere that you have secure  internet access.  In addition, the training materials provided above are easily accessible to help make your use of CareerQ is easy and efficient.
  6. Will candidates be eliminated if they do not answer the pre-screen questions or do not match the preferred skills?
    If pre-screen questions have been activated for your competition, candidates are not able to complete their application without answering the questions. Hiring Managers have the flexibility to determine the extent to which candidate responses to pre-screen questions and skills will be used to make decisions as to the subsequent steps in the recruitment process.
  7. Why do I have to send the offer letter via CareerQ? 
    Career Q provides a more secure environment than email for sharing offer letters, which contain personal and confidential information.  As such, it is now the University’s preferred method for transmission of offers letters.  You may also deliver the offer letter to Human Resources in person.
  8. How do I find the approval path?  Who should approve this SRF?
    General instructions on required approvers are included in the ‘Approval Wizard’ within CareerQ.  Contact your Departmental Administrator, Staffing and/or Budget Officer, or consult with your own Manager if you are unclear about the names of the specific individuals who must approve your hire. Most non-Research staff hires require approval from Central Budget, which should be added as the last approver. Reference the Policy on Approval and Execution of Contracts and Invoices for details on approvals required for various types of hires.
  9. Why can I not find my department on the drop down menu of departments?
    The hierarchy in CareerQ is derived from the PeopleSoft Finance Departmental structure, which updated as required, by the Departmental financial staff and the Central Finance team.  If you cannot find your Department name in CareerQ, contact your Departmental finance staff or Central Finance for help with this (
  10. How can I use a different Department name than what appears in the list from PeopleSoft Finance?
    The SRF has mandatory fields that must reflect the available options in the PeopleSoft Finance tables.  In addition, you can choose to enter information in the ‘Alternate Department ID’ field in the SRF.  Text that appears in the ‘Alternate Department ID’ field will be displayed when the job is broadcast, instead of the PeopleSoft Finance Department name.