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Finalizing the Offer

See the Human Resources Forms page for a sample offer of employment letter.

The final phase of the recruitment involves the verbal offer of employment, preparation of the Offer of Employment letter, completion of the Authorization to Pay a Monthly Salary From Grant and Contract Funds form, finalization of the written rationale for the selection, and notification to other interviewed candidates that another candidate has been offered and accepted the position.

Offer of Employment and Providing Information Regarding Benefits

When a suitable candidate for the position has been selected, a verbal offer of employment is made. At this point the candidate may wish to discuss details of the appointment that were not addressed earlier in the process. For example, if access to benefits was not discussed earlier, when the verbal offer is made the candidate may have questions about benefits availability. The Benefits Eligibility table provides information that will be useful should the prospective employee have questions about access to payroll benefits. As well, cost-sharing of premiums is detailed on the benefits section of this site. Detailed information is available to the employee by contacting the Compensation Unit in Human Resources.

Offer of Employment Letter

If the verbal offer is acceptable to the candidate, a written offer of employment is prepared (see sample offer of employment letter above). The offer of employment letter, which is prepared and signed by the Researcher or Supervisor, is presented to the successful candidate for signature. The signed offer indicates acceptance of the terms of employment. Once signed, the letter of offer should be attached to the employment contract, Authorization to Pay a Monthly Salary From Grant and Contract Funds. For information about the authorization form (which is available in Human Resources), see the section immediately following this offer of employment section.

The offer of employment letter details the following information:

  • Nature and duties of the position, including any special conditions
  • Names of supervisors and those from whom direction may be given
  • Start date and duration of the contract
  • Full-time or part-time (with hours per week defined)
  • Probationary period (if the employee is new to the University) and the associated conditions
  • Level of position and starting salary
  • Information regarding enrolment in benefits
  • Required notice of end of employment

Employment Contract (Authorization to Pay a Monthly Salary From Grant and Contract Funds)

While the offer of employment represents an intent to enter into an employment contract, the employment contract or Authorization to Pay a Monthly Salary from Grant and Contract Funds form, represents an agreement by the University and the employee. If the appropriate salary has not yet been confirmed with Human Resources, this will need to be done before completion of the authorization form. The Principal Investigator (or the supervisor) and the employee complete appropriate sections of the form and provide signatures where indicated.

The offer of employment (signed by both the Principal Investigator and the employee) is then attached to the employment contract and submitted for approval to the person to whom the Principal Investigator reports (e.g. department head). The letter and contract are then forwarded to the Department of Human Resources for review before being forwarded to Financial Services where the funds to be paid for salary over the period of the contract are "committed" from the appropriate account (i.e., Financial Services monitors to ensure that the appropriate amount remains available to be used only for the contract salary). Principal Investigators should be aware that payments for benefits (including contributions to the central fund) are not "committed" and should therefore plan to ensure that the appropriate amount remains available. Copies of the fully signed contract are then distributed to the appropriate parties including the department, the Principal Investigator and the employee, indicating University approval of the contract.

If as the document is circulated to the various departments there are questions or concerns about any of the information in the contract, it may be returned without an authorizing signature to the Principal Investigator for amendments or resolutions.

Documentation of the Selection Process

Hiring Tip
Maintain notes about the process and the reasons for the final selection.

During each phase of the hiring and selection process, ensure a written record is maintained including a brief summary outlining the reasons for selecting the successful candidate and the reasons why others were disqualified. This will ensure that the necessary information is available

Notifying Other Interviewed Candidates

Once the position has been offered to and accepted by a candidate, others who were interviewed should be notified that another has been offered and accepted the position. Candidates are normally advised by telephone of the decision.

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