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Orientation Toolkit

As a manager, you play a critical role throughout the life cycle of your employee and especially during an employee's first few days on the job ensuring he/she is assimilating well into the team. It's an exciting, rewarding, but also a challenging time for the new employee. You can help to ensure a successful transition into the role as well as set the stage for building the employee/manager relationship, and create a positive experience for your new employee through an effective onboarding process. Intrinsic benefits can include lower turnover costs, fewer errors and increased productivity in a shorter time frame.

Onboarding begins as soon as an offer of employment is made and ends after the first year of employment. It is a process to make the new employee feel welcomed, valued, confirm the employee's decision to join the organization and assist in making them a contributing member of the team.

This Orientation Toolkit for Managers will provide you with the tools, resources, and consistency of approach to help you prepare for your employee's first weeks through the first year on your team.


Orientation Toolkit (197 KB)

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