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Queen's University

Successful Candidates: Friday, August 15th, 2014

Congratulations to the following individuals who were the successful candidates in recent job competitions.

Job Title:  Writing Specialist & Workshop Coordinator
Department:  Student Academic Success Services
Competition:  2014-124
Successful Candidate:  Valerie Ashford (Principal’s Office)

Job Title:  Senate Operations & University Policy Manager
Department:  University Secretariat
Competition:  2014-177
Successful Candidate:  Rebecca Coupland (Information Technology Services)

Job Title:  Organizational Development Consultant
Department:  Human Resources
Competition: 2014-055
Successful Candidate:  Lisa Sansom

Job Title:  Training Coordinator
Department:  Human Resources
Competition:  2014-093
Successful Candidate:  Corey Scott

Job Title:  Administrative Assistant
Department:  Office of Advancement
Competition:  2014-178
Successful Candidate:  Lenore Klein

Job Title:  System Analyst
Department:  School Of Business
Competition:  2014-191
Successful Candidate:  Michael Farrell

Job Title:  Program Associate
Department:  Chemical Engineering
Competition:  2014-145
Successful Candidate: Withdrawn

Job Title:  Events Coordinator
Department:  Faculty of Education
Competition:  2014-185
Successful Candidate:  Natalie Barnes

Job Title:  Administrative Assistant
Department:  Family Medicine, Centre for Studies in Primary Care
Competition:  2014-R017
Successful Candidate:  Marrisa Beckles (NCIC - Clinical Trials Group)

Job Title:  Research Associate
Department:  Asthma Research Unit, Department of Medicine
Competition:  2014-R022
Successful Candidate:  Taylar Wall

Job Title:  Case Writer, Living Case Project
Department:  School Of Business
Competition:  2014-122
Successful Candidate:  Withdrawn



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