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CareerQ System Enhancement

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

HR Client Services has made enhancements to CareerQ, Queen’s Recruitment Management System.  The purpose of these enhancements is to streamline processes and make hiring great employees more efficient.

There are a few enhancements hiring departments will notice, which are listed below. 

  1. Departments will be asked to provide a Queen’s Equity Appointment Process (QEAP) competition number at the time they are submitting a position for approval, however, in order to avoid creating a bottleneck, users will be able to defer submitting the number until HR is posting the position.  If a department does not select ‘Vacant Position for Posting’ as the reason for submitting a position for approval, they will not be required to provide a QEAP number.  This enhancement is being implemented to support the Queen’s University Equity Hiring Process, which is managed by the Equity Office and must be used for all Staff and Research competitions.
  2. Editing a Staffing Request Form (SRF) that has not been fully approved or declined will now require users to delete any active approvals associated with the SRF being edited, and re-submit the edited SRF through the full approval path.  This change will reduce confusion and errors, and result in faster processing times.
  3. Candidates will now be able to re-apply to positions if the position has been re-posted, or continues to be posted, and their initial application has been declined in CareerQ.  Before this change, candidates required HR intervention to do this, so this enhancement puts the functionality in the hands of departments.
  4. If they have not done so previously, Queen’s employees will now be required to respond to the Self-identification survey upon submitting their next application through CareerQ.  Non-Queen’s candidates have been required to do this since the introduction of CareerQ.  Although they are required to respond, they can respond with ‘I do not wish to self-identify.’  This is in support of the Queen’s University Equity Hiring Process managed by the Equity Office.

Please visit the Management Tools Recruitment site to download an updated version of the CareerQ User Guide for Hiring Managers.

These enhancements will take effect on August 21, 2019 at 8:30am.  If you have any questions, please contact HR Recruitment at