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Childcare Support Benefit Process Update

The Childcare Support Benefit process has been updated for the 2017 benefit year. Applicants will no longer be asked to submit the printed attendance form to Human Resources unless their application is audited as described in the process below.

Queen’s Human Resources will routinely audit applications to help protect against fraud. Audits may include contacting child care providers to confirm the submitted services were received.

  • After an online application is submitted, applicants may receive an email requesting that supporting documentation be submitted to Human Resources.
  • When submitting supporting documentation, it is important that applicants follow all instructions carefully and respond by the deadline provided. Failure to do so will result in the application being declined.
  • If an audit finds that the application contains errors, the applicant will be required to revise the application before it will be processed.

For further information and/or to apply for the benefit, please review the Childcare Support Benefit Plan section of the Human Resources website. If you have further questions after reviewing the terms and conditions of your applicable childcare support benefit plan document, please feel free to contact your HR Advisor.