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HR PeopleSoft Insider: April 2015

Change to Monthly Payroll Cut-off for May 2015

The payroll cut-off for the May monthly payroll has changed from Friday, May 15, 2015 to Thursday, May 14, 2015.

Please ensure that data sheets and appointment renewal/change forms are received in HR and that RG&C Contracts are ‘assigned to HR’ in HR PeopleSoft by Thursday, May 14th, to ensure appointments are processed and to avoid loss of system access for employees.

The 2015 payroll calendar for the monthly pay cycles has been updated to reflect this change and is available on the HR website. Please take note of any early cut-offs identified on the calendar.

Grace Period for Past Time entry has been changed to 365 days

The grace period for entry of time away (vacation, sick leave, etc.) has been changed such that timekeepers are now able to enter time 365 days in the past. This change was made to assist departments in maintaining the accuracy of employee leave data in HR PeopleSoft.

Departmental Administrators are asked to ensure that employee vacation records are up-to-date in HR PeopleSoft at fiscal year-end, April 30, 2015. This is a requirement for audit purposes in order to ensure an accurate accounting of the University’s vacation liability. Vacation time must be entered into HR PeopleSoft by April 15th (Payroll cut-off) in order to be reflected in the year-end vacation liability reports.

A query titled “QU_TL_TRC_QRY_DT_RNG” can be used to verify vacation that has been entered for all employees in a particular department. If you need assistance in using the query, contact your HR Advisor.

It continues to be best practice to report time away as it occurs for employees or at least within 90 days from the time the leave was taken. Reporting of time beyond 90 days should not be a regular occurrence, however should it be necessary, timekeepers now have the ability to enter the time without requiring intervention by Human Resources.

Postdoctoral Fellows - Recording of Leaves and Additional Hours transitions to HR PeopleSoft

Timekeeping for the Postdoctoral Fellow employee classes transitioned to HR PeopleSoft on April 1st. The processes for record keeping and tracking time in HR PeopleSoft are consistent with those that are currently in effect for other staff groups at the University. Postdoctoral Fellows are exception-time reporters. This means that only time that is an exception to the employee’s normal work schedule needs to be recorded (i.e. vacation, sick leave, overtime, etc.).

Human Resources has been working with departments to collect leave balances for active Postdoctoral Fellow employees. These balances will be uploaded to HR PeopleSoft as part of the April monthly payroll process and will be available to view by May 1st.

Later this month, faculty supervisors, departmental administrators and timekeepers will receive an update on the implementation process along with a reference guide on the leave administration and timekeeping procedures.