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Queen’s & USW Joint Job Evaluation Project Update

The Working Group on Job Evaluation (WGJE) has continued to hold monthly meetings in 2016 to meet timelines established during collective bargaining last year.

As a result of this collaborative process, the WGJE will be recommending key components of the job evaluation system, including a questionnaire to collect information about job requirements. The components were pilot tested on a cross-section of jobs to ensure they capture the full range of work in the bargaining unit.

The Working Group will resume meeting in the fall and will provide an update to the university community regarding next steps of the project.

Members of the Working Group left to right.
Front row: Cathy Clare, Daina Green, Carol Kavanaugh, Karen Topping, Katherine Rudder, Diane Pointer, Sue McLeish.
Back row: Ken Pearce, Bonni Titgemeyer, A.J. Gould, Kelly Orser, Ann MacDonald, John Goldthorp.

Members of the Working Group on Job Evaluation:

Queen's University, Human Resources USW Local 2010
Ann MacDonald, Co-Chair
Total Compensation

Carol Kavanaugh, Co-Chair
Faculty of Arts and Science

AJ Gould
Total Compensation

Ken Pearce
Stauffer Library

Sue McLeish
Total Compensation

Katherine Rudder
Life Sciences and Biochemistry Program Office

Diane Pointer
Total Compensation

Karen Topping
School of Environmental Studies