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New Methods for Additional/One-Time Payments to Faculty/Staff

Following the transition to HR PeopleSoft in February, the Salary Requisition system used for one-time and additional payments to Queen’s faculty and staff will be decommissioned.

Payments that used to be processed through this system will now be paid either through HR PeopleSoft Time & Labour or by using a new form, HR-FRM-048 Additional/One-Time Payment Request, which should be submitted to Payroll for processing. Department budget approval signatures are required. The deadline for either approach is the same — the payroll cut-off date for the relevant employee group.

The summary below indicates which kinds of payments go through each system.

Payments processed in HR PeopleSoft Time & Labour by Departmental Timekeepers:

  • Casual employee regular and vacation pay
  • Overtime pay for employees tracked in Time & Labour
  • Statutory holiday pay

Payments to be submitted to Payroll on HR-FRM-048 for processing
(new definitions in brackets)

  • Acting Pay (Pay provided to employees temporarily assuming a higher graded position.)
  • Additional Payments (Payments provided to employees for reasons such as assuming additional significant responsibilities for up to 3 months.)
  • Honorarium for an employee (An honorarium is typically a small payment made on a special or non-routine basis to recognize or acknowledge the contribution of gratuitous services to the university.)
  • Overtime payment for employees not tracked in Time & Labour (Overtime payments made to employees whose time is not recorded in Time & Labour.)
  • University Grant payment (University grant payments made to researchers.) 

Most additional or one-time payments do not require Human Resources approval. However, payments associated with some Queen’s policies, such as Acting Pay, require consultation with Human Resources Compensation. For more information on Queen’s pay policies, please refer to the Pay and Premiums section of HR Policies.

Expense reimbursements require a Financial Services form:
Employee reimbursements for expenses such as conference or training course fees should continue to be submitted to Financial Services using FIN-FRM-006 Travel Expense/Advance. Note that payments submitted as an Additional/One-time payment are taxed. Expense reimbursements are not.

Submit requests for payment to non-Queen’s employees to Financial Services:
Consistent with current practice, all payments to non-Queen’s employees should be submitted to Accounts Payable using FIN-FRM-003 Cheque Requisition Form (GST/PST) or FIN-FRM-010 Cheque Requisition Form (HST).

For help completing HR-FRM-048 Additional/One-Time Payment Request form
contact or 613-533-2070 for assistance.

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