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Successful Candidates: Friday, July 21, 2017

Congratulations to the following individuals who were the successful candidates in recent job competitions.

Job Title: Managing Editor (USW Local 2010)
Department: Smith School of Business
Competition: 2017-174
Successful Candidate: Robert Gerlsbeck

Job Title: Technical Director & Head Coach, Women's Soccer
Department: Athletics and Recreation
Competition: 2017-207
Successful Candidate: Dave McDowell

Job Title: Research Projects Advisor (USW Local 2010)
Department: University Research Services, VP (Research) Portfolio
Competition: 2017-086 (A,B & C)
Successful Candidate: Adrian Kelly, Kelly Cathcart & Jennifer Robinson

Job Title: Head Coach, Men's Rugby
Department: Athletics and Recreation
Competition: 2017-220
Successful Candidate: David Butcher

Job Title: Head Coach, Women's Rugby
Department: Athletics and Recreation
Competition: 2017-219
Successful Candidate: Daniel Valley

Job Title: Machine Shop Insturment Maker (CUPE 254)
Department: Physics
Competition: J0617-0702
Successful Candidate: Patrick Given (Mechanicle and Materials Engineering)

Job Title: Special Projects Officer - Finance (USW Local 2010)
Department: Faculty of Health Sciences - Financial Services
Competition: J0617-0566
Successful Candidate: Ian Rand (Financial Services)

Job Title: IT, Marketing & Communications Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Art History & Art Conservation
Competition: 2017-184
Successful Candidate: Elizabeth Cooper

Job Title: Prospect Research Analyst (USW Local 2010)
Department: Advancement Services, Office of Advancement
Competition: J0617-0533
Successful Candidate: Jacqueline Trott