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Successful Candidates: Friday, October 5, 2018

Congratulations to the following individuals who were the successful candidates in recent job competitions.

Job Title: Senior Legal Counsel
Department: Office of the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel
Competition: J0518-1117
Successful Candidate: Lavonne Hood

Job Title: Research Program Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: University Research Services
Competition: J0818-0095
Successful Candidate: Traci Allen (University Research Services)

Job Title: Information Services Technician (CUPE Local 1302)
Department: Department of Library Services
Competition: J0918-0352
Successful Candidate: Joseph Lee

Job Title: Administrative Assistant/Graduate Program Assistant (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Cultural Studies
Competition: J0818-0482
Successful Candidate: Carrie Miles (Department of Cultural Studies)

Job Title: Events and Services Assistant (USW Local 2010)
Department: School of Graduate Studies
Competition: J0618-0289
Successful Candidate: Chantal-Christine Valkenborg

Job Title: Associate Director, Student Services (Registration, Admissions and Services)
Department: Faculty of Arts and Science
Competition: J0518-0583
Successful Candidate: Kevin O'Brien

Job Title: Systems Analyst (USW Local 2010)
Department: Information Technology Services
Competition: J0718-0792
Successful Candidate: Tyler Gibbons (Information Technology Services)

Job Title: Cancer Research Monitor/Auditor
Department: Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Competition: J0718-0812
Successful Candidate: Ryan Elliott

Job Title: Accounts Receivable Administrator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Financial Services
Competition: J0818-1093
Successful Candidate: Anke Starratt

Job Title: Special Projects Officer
Department: Human Rights and Equity Office
Competition: J0718-0421
Successful Candidate: Vanessa Yzaguirre (Student Affairs)

Job Title: Director, Queens Legal Aid
Department: Faculty of Law
Competition: J0718-0269
Successful Candidate: Blair Crew

Job Title: Business Analyst (USW Local 2010)
Department: Information Technology Services
Competition: J0718-0790
Successful Candidate: Tanya Fowler (Information Technology Services)

Job Title: Development and Alumni Engagement Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Development and Alumni Engagement, School of Business
Competition: J0818-0938
Successful Candidate: Shelaine Chapple

Job Title: Construction Project Manager
Department: Physical Plant Services Department
Competition: J0618-1098
Successful Candidate: David Waite

Job Title: Supervisor, Custodial Services
Department: Physical Plant Services Department
Competition: J0718-0268
Successful Candidate: Michael McLean

Job Title: Accessibility Services Advisor (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Student Wellness Services
Competition: J0718-0115
Successful Candidate: Monique Dube

Job Title: Marketing Assistant (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment
Competition: J0418-0590
Successful Candidate: Sasha Parrell

Job Title: Accounts Payable Clerk (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Strategic Procurement Services
Competition: J0818-0130
Successful Candidate: Melissa Wemp

Job Title: Personal Counsellor (USW Local 2010)
Department: Student Counselling Services Department
Competition: J0918-0802
Successful Candidate: Farah Nanji

Job Title: Classroom, Multimedia and Technical Support Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Faculty of Health Sciences Videoconferencing, Classroom and Desktop Support
Competition: J0518-1274
Successful Candidate: Peter Leong

Job Title: Laboratory and Educational Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Biomedical and Molecular Science
Competition: J0718-1130
Successful Candidate: Logan Bale