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Successful Candidates: Friday, February 14, 2020

Congratulations to the following individuals who were the successful candidates in recent job competitions.

Job Title: Research Assistant
Department: Pathology
Competition: J1019-0030
Successful Candidate: Sonali Uttam

Job Title: Career Counsellor (USW Local 2010)
Department: Career Services
Competition: J1119-0324
Successful Candidate: Carli Fink (Career Services)

Job Title: Reception Administrative Clerk (USW Local 2010)
Department: Student Wellness Services
Competition: J1119-0415
Successful Candidate: Danielle Steinfort (Student Wellness Services)

Job Title: Psychometrist (USW Local 2010)
Department: Regional Assessment and Resource Centre
Competition: J1119-0105
Successful Candidate: Armen Keoshkerian

Job Title: Departmental and Financial Assistant (USW Local 2010)
Department: Political Studies
Competition: J1019-1005
Successful Candidate: Lindsey Morey (School of Rehabilitation Therapy)

Job Title: Administrative Assistant to the Director and Graduate Assistant (USW Local 2010)
Department: School of Kinesology and Health Studies
Competition: J1219-0079
Successful Candidate: Heather Carter (Student Services, Faculty of Arts and Science)

Job Title: Departmental Administrator(USW Local 2010)
Department: School of Religion
Competition: J0120-0898
Successful Candidate: Levanna Schonwandt (Studio BFA)

Job Title: Parking By-Law Officer (CUPE 229)
Department: Physical Plant Services
Competition: J1119-0397
Successful Candidate: Richard Smith (Physical Plant Services)