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Successful Candidates: Friday, May 3, 2019

Congratulations to the following individuals who were the successful candidates in recent job competitions.

Job Title: Project Manager
Department: School of Rehabilitation Therapy, International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitiation
Competition: J0219-0038
Successful Candidate: Julie Gordon

Job Title: Business Development Officer
Department: Physics (Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Institute)
Competition: J1218-0228
Successful Candidate: Alexandra Pedersen (University Research Services)

Job Title: Assistant Manager
Department: Physical Plant Services
Competition: J0219-0001
Successful Candidate: Michael McLean (Physical Plant Services)

Job Title: Ethics Research Associate
Department: Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Competition: J0219-0870
Successful Candidate: Kayla Kooistra (Canadian Cancer Trials Group)

Job Title: Millwright Apprentice (CUPE Local 229)
Department: Physical Plant Services
Competition: J1118-0144
Successful Candidate: Nicole Shillington (Residences)

Job Title: Enterprise Architect
Department: Information Technology Services
Competition: J1118-0614
Successful Candidate: Michael East

Job Title: Registered Practical Nurse (OPSEU Local 254)
Department: Family Medicine
Competition: J0319-0902
Successful Candidate: Nicole McNeill

Job Title: Research Contracts Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Office of Partnerships and Innovation
Competition: J0319-0021
Successful Candidate: Jill Hughes (Education)

Job Title: Steamfitter (CUPE Local 229)
Department: Physical Plant Services
Competition: J0219-0056
Successful Candidate: Paul Barrett

Job Title: Manager, Education (Residence Life)
Department: Residence Life
Competition: J0319-0278
Successful Candidate: Sean Park

Job Title: Coordinator, Facility Operations (USW Local 2010)
Department: Athletics and Recreation
Competition: J0219-0822
Successful Candidate: Zack Sephton

Job Title: Administrative and Staffing Assistant, Office of the Dean
Department: Faculty of Education
Competition: J0319-1090
Successful Candidate: Haven Jerreat-Poole

Job Title: Clinical Administrative Assistant
Department: Family Medicine
Competition: J0319-0731
Successful Candidate: Jose Chico