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Successful Candidates: Friday, May 31, 2019

Congratulations to the following individuals who were the successful candidates in recent job competitions.

Job Title: Registration & Systems Coordinator
Department: Student Services, Faculty of Arts & Science
Competition: J10219-0925
Successful Candidate: Brandy Wilkes (Student Services, Faculty of Arts & Science)

Job Title: Academic Advisor (Indigenous Students) (USW Local 2010)
Department: Faculty of Arts and Science
Competition: J1218-0941
Successful Candidate: Dale Bennett

Job Title: Human Resources Administrator
Department: Human Resources - Smith School of Business
Competition: J0419-1064
Successful Candidate: Sheeba Deen

Job Title: Business Analyst (USW Local 2010)
Department: Information Technology Services
Competition: J0718-0791
Successful Candidate: Adebukola Ademola

Job Title: Area Manager
Department: Physical Plant Services
Competition: J0219-0003
Successful Candidate: Pierre Bartowiak (New Capital Alterations)

Job Title: Instructional Designer and Curriculum Developer (USW Local 2010)
Department: Continuing and Distance Studies
Competition: J0419-0297
Successful Candidate: Kristine Weglarz

Job Title: Senior Communications Officer
Department: University Communications
Competition: J0419-0040
Successful Candidate: Andrew Willson (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Job Title: Finance Officer (USW Local 2010)
Department: Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts
Competition: J1118-0544
Successful Candidate: Jeffery Thomas (Financial Services)

Job Title: Program Manager, MMIE
Department: MEI
Competition: J0519-0155
Successful Candidate: Angela Zeng

Job Title: Student Awards Officer (USW Local 2010)
Department: Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards)
Competition: J0319-0622
Successful Candidate: Jennifer Thibodeau [Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards)]

Job Title: Technical Support Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment
Competition: J0119-0333
Successful Candidate: Lance Stasel

Job Title: Student Awards Officer (USW Local 2010)
Department: Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards)
Competition: J0319-0621
Successful Candidate: Amanda Taillefer (Office of Advancement, Alumni Relations)

Job Title: Coordinator, Athlete Services (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Athletics and Recreation
Competition: J0319-0394
Successful Candidate: Rieanne Gushulak (Department of Athletics and Recreation)