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A Recruitment Management System (RMS) is a software application that helps facilitate, track, and report on an organization’s recruitment activities.


Queen’s Human Resources has determined that it is beneficial to update the technology used to facilitate our recruitment process. We have identified the following limitations, inefficiencies and risks associated with the current process:

  • Manual processes that allow for errors
  • Paper based processes, which cause delays
  • Outdated application processes resulting in Queen’s not presenting itself as an employer of choice
  • Inability to report on candidate diversity and hiring metrics
  • For a more detailed overview, please review the following presentation.

Download Project Overview Presentation (1.05 MB)
Microsoft PowerPoint

Project Vision Statement:

To streamline the hiring process, allowing the university to attract high quality candidates and move them quickly and smoothly through the selection process. The system will free hiring managers to focus on selecting the best talent in a timely and professional fashion leading to great hires, quality data for future use and a university reputation as an employer of choice.

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