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Gazette: A bigger and better HR Learning Catalogue

Wednesday September 13, 2017
By Andrew Carroll, Gazette Editor
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The Learning Catalogue offers more than 125 workshops, including certificate and non-certificate sessions relating to the workplace, as well as fitness classes in partnership with Athletics and Recreation and Lunch & Learn sessions on topics such as Indigenous culture, nutrition and health, and more.

Alison Cummings, Training Coordinator, Organizational Development and Learning, Human Resources, points out that the Certificate in International Perspectives has been revised and expanded. Focusing on campus-wide activities, including a field trip to the Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS), it will provide participants with a greater understanding of the university’s internationalization efforts.

“In the Learning Catalogue there are offerings that focus on technical skills, as well as interpersonal skills workshops. The Human Rights and Equity Office offers some very in-depth workshops on issues of gender, equity, and accommodation,” says Ms. Cummings. “There are also wellness offerings available. People might not realize how a mindfulness workshop can help them both personally and professionally. Some workshops – for example ones on positive psychology, resilience, or change-management– can be very effective for staff working on teams or in units in the university that may be facing challenges.”

Staying with wellness, the program has expanded to after work hours for the first time with Pilates on the Ball being held 5-5:50 pm on Mondays.

But that’s not all that is new.

The HR Learning Catalogue interface itself has been upgraded, utilizing ABC Signup software – already being used by IT Services and the Centre for Teaching and Learning – which provides a more user-friendly platform and allows for more information to be provided and navigated more easily.

“This is a more robust software that will allow staff to find the workshops they are looking for more simply and get better information about the workshops,” Ms. Cummings says. “It will also allow staff to track their progress through our certificate programs more easily and it will allow us to manage it a lot more effectively which is a very good thing.”

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