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General FAQs

Q1: How do I add a non-employee that is a Contingent Worker (i.e. volunteer, guest, co-op student) who needs university system access?
A: Submit your request to Information Services and they will add the person to HR PeopleSoft.

Q2: What is the pay frequency in HR PeopleSoft for casual employees if they were paid monthly in the legacy HR system?
A: All casual employees will be paid bi-weekly in HR PeopleSoft regardless of their pay frequency in the legacy HR system.

Q3. I have a new employee starting in my department. How do I request HR PeopleSoft Access?
A: Submit a completed HRMS Security Access Request Form to Human Resources.

Q4: What is a combination code (combo code)?
A: A combo-code is a system generated unique numeric identifier that represents a chart field string in the HR PeopleSoft. It represents how a salary is funded. A new combo code is required for each unique combination of chart fields.

Q5: How do I look up and/or add a combo code?
A: Here is the navigation for Combo Codes: In HR PeopleSoft>Workforce Administration>Job Information>Valid Combo Table. You then search using your chartfield parameters and the SetID of SHARE. If no values come up you should be able to go to the other tab on that page (add a new value) and add the combo code.

Q6: How will honorariums be paid through PeopleSoft HR?
A: When an honorarium is to be paid to an employee, the department will complete a HR_FRM-048 Additional/One-time Payment Request Form and send it to Human Resources for processing. Payments for non-employees will be processed through the Finance department on a Cheque Requisition.

Q7: If the salary of a position is charged to multiple accounts, is the employer cost of the benefits split in the same manner?
A: Yes, if the employee’s salary is charged to multiple accounts, the employer cost of the benefit will be split in the same manner.

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