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HR PeopleSoft Pay Stubs

The HR PeopleSoft pay stub includes information on earnings, benefits and taxes. To see an image of a pay stub with an explanation of its components, please see:

Sample HR PeopleSoft Pay Stub in PDF
(or for the Word version click: Sample HR PeopleSoft Pay Stub in Word).

The HR PeopleSoft pay stub layout is designed to facilitate easy reading, and provides employees with detail to better understand their pay. The pay stub also includes the employee’s home address, department, location, job title, rate of pay, employer paid benefits, comprehensive tax data, and a list of hours and earnings.

The main content of the pay stub is broken into:

  • Employee and Job Information, which details the employee’s ID, department, location, and pay rate. (For employees with more than one job within the University, their primary job and pay rate will show on this part of the pay stub.)
  • Hours and Earnings, which includes both regular pay and also additional earnings such as child care allowance, tuition support plan, and overtime. Note: - Vacation, leave, and sick time taken will also be reported here. -Employees with more than one job on the same pay cycle (e.g. monthly) will find the earnings amount for each job displayed separately; employees paid on different cycles (e.g. bi-weekly and monthly) will receive separate pay stubs.
  • Taxes – i.e. Canadian Income Tax (CIT), Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) 
  • Before-Tax Deductions, including Queen’s pension, voluntary pension, and union dues. 
  • After-Tax Deductions, for benefits and voluntary deductions (e.g. Parking) paid by the employee. 
  • Employer Paid Benefits, for benefits paid by Queen’s such as dental, supplementary medical and life insurance, and pension.

The total gross, CIT taxable amount, total taxes, total deductions, and net pay are then calculated using the data in these categories.


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