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Role Descriptions

Access to the PeopleSoft HRMS system is granted based on the Principle of Least Privilege which states, "access privileges to any user should be limited to only what is necessary to complete their assigned duties and functions".

If indicated below, training must be completed prior to submitting an HRMS PeopleSoft Access Request Form.  Please visit our Training and Security Access page for information on how to obtain training and how to request access for HR PeopleSoft.



Required Training

Departmental Administrator A role for entering hires, rehires and renewals. Includes contract templates for departments responsible for hiring casuals, students, and research staff. Some researchers may require this access directly to hire their own research staff. Completing the Contract Hire training course is required for this access, contact your HR Advisor for further information.
  • Contract Hire
Departmental Timekeeper A role for the entry of time, attendance and short-term leave for a designated group of employees. The timekeeper reports regular hours for requisition (casual) employees who are paid by the hour and reporting only exceptions for salaried employees. A timekeeper also validates input against paper timesheets to ensure time has been entered accurately, and supplies standard reports and information to managers if requested. Completing the Report Time 1 training course is required for this access, contact your HR Advisor for further information.
  • Timekeeper - Report Time
Job Data (Read Only) A role with read-only access to review job data records for employees. Only employees falling within row level access for the specified user are displayed.  
Business Officer A role with access to run the Pay to GL queries on the HR Accounting Line. These queries display detailed account information based on department level security.  
Template Based Hire A role for entering hires, rehires and renewals. Includes templates for departments responsible for academic, affiliate, archivist, clinical, contingent worker and librarian hires/renewals. The Departmental Administrator Role is required for this access as well as additional training, contact your HR Advisor for further information.
  • Contract Hire
  • Template Based Hire
Vehicle Administrator

A role responsible for gathering and maintaining driver and vehicle information for department(s). Training is required for this access, contact your HR Advisor for further information.

  • Vehicle Admin
Position Management Read Only

A decentralized role with display only access to position management information.

Decentralized Reporting

A role for reporting required at department level:

  • Pending Future Actions Report
  • Personnel Actions History
  • Employee on Leave of Absence Report
  • Temporary Employees Report
  • Cost of Union Leave Report
  • Head Count Report
  • Total Compensation Report
  • SIN Expiry Report
Department Head A role that equates to the holder of the Department Head job code and is responsible for a particular unit. Provides read-only access to employees and positions in their department and access to approve contracts. This role is automatically assigned to the employee holding the department manager position. For delegate authority the Department Head Designate form, HR-FRM-053, should be submitted.  
Employment Status Query Reporting required for identifying current eligibility for payroll deductions. Used by Athletics and Recreation to apply Staff and Faculty discounts, requires row level access to All Departments for proper functionality.  
Faculty Relations Reporting

Reporting required to satisfy the QUFA collective agreement requirements:

  • QUFA Promotions Report
  • QUFA membership report
  • QUFA LOA Report
  • QUFA Termination Report
Financial Reporting Reporting required to identify hires, rehires or job changes that impact CompRate and / or Annual amounts. This role is intended for the Budget Office only.  
Institutional Research and Planning

Reporting required on behalf of the University.

  • QUFA Term Adjunct Membership Report
  • Courses Taught
MERIT - Faculty Faculty access to the custom Human Resources Merit system that will be used to obtain, record information used to calculate salary increases for Academic Staff. Provost sets –up the values and performs the initial load. Merit data is submitted for review and update from Department to Faculty to Provost. Provost audits and calculates merit amounts, performs mass load and creates letter extract. Training is required for this access.
  • Compensation 2
Position Management Add A position management role with access to add positions (Academic/Adjunct/Librarian/Archivist) in their department/portfolio. Training is required for this access, contact your HR Advisor for further information.
  • Manage Positions
Position Management Reports

A decentralized position management role which can only run reports.

  • Active/Inactive Positions
  • Exception/Override
  • Position Status
  • Vacant Position
Staffing Officer Coordinates the academic appointment, reappointment/renewal, tenure and promotion processes for faculty members including profile management and faculty events data required for Stats Can. Training is required for this access, contact your HR Advisor for further information.
  • Template Based Hire
  • Contract Hire
  • Profile Management