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StrongPassword.pngStrengthened Passwords

Because PeopleSoft is a web-based application involving personal and confidential data, there is a need to improve security practices to protect the data contained within our new administrative systems.

Strengthening NetID passwords is the first step in improving authentication practices and incorporating stronger security measures at the University.

Who Will Be Affected By These Changes?

Anyone who will be able to access other people's personal and confidential information through their use of the PeopleSoft application must change their NetID password to meet the requirements described on this page. These requirements will therefore apply to staff, faculty and research users of PeopleSoft, but do not apply to students who will be using PeopleSoft to access SOLUS, QCARD's replacement.

What Are the Stronger Passwords Requirements?

Your PeopleSoft strengthened NetID password:

  • Must be at least 10 characters long (upper and lower case characters; includes at least 1 number or special character);
  • Must be changed every 120 days; and
  • Must be different (cannot re-use the same password) for at least 5 change cycles.

When You First Login to PeopleSoft

The first time someone logs in to the portal to access PeopleSoft, they will not see the link to the PeopleSoft application unless their password meets the minimum strength requirements. Instead, they will see the link Change My Password, which will take them to the Identity Management system and guide them through the password change. When they log in to the portal again with their newly strengthened password, the PeopleSoft link will be visible.

Password Changes Will Be Required

Any time someone's NetID password does not meet the strength requirements and/or is more than 120 days old, the link to access the PeopleSoft application within the portal will be replaced with the Change My Password link.

Everyone who must access PeopleSoft will receive an advisory email on day 110 of their password cycle (10 days before expiry) warning them that their password will need to be changed.

Please visit the NetID Password Change page for more information.

What Else is Affected When I Change My Password?

When you change your NetID password, it will apply to all your NetID-based services. Some of these services include:

  • Queen's email/webmail
  • Portal (MyQueensU)
  • Queen's Wiki
  • QShare
  • Active Directory (AD)
  • JIRA
  • WebPublish
  • WebCT
  • WPA2 secure wireless
If you use mobile devices (e.g. a PDA) to access some of these services, you may have to update your password for those devices at the same time. 
There are also many department-specific applications that require the use of your NetID and password. These applications will also be affected.
Please visit the ITServices website tutorials on Changing and Removing Stored Passwords for more information.

Creating Strong Passwords

Please visit the ITServices website page on Choosing a Strong Password for more information.

What Do I Do If I Forget My Password?

If you are a staff or faculty member, contact your ITAdmin Rep.