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New Business Processes and Forms

Do you know that access to legacy HR systems will be discontinued?

  • With the transition to HR PeopleSoft beginning Feb. 17th, a number of HR systems and forms will be discontinued. HR PeopleSoft will replace the Salary Requisition system, the Student Contract system, QBIO (employee add system), PIMS (HRIS data entry system).
  • At the end of April, the University's mainframe computer will be decommissioned. Until that time, the PCICS system known as PINQ (HRIS inquiry system) will remain active and available.
  • On April 30th, the HR data warehouse, BI Query, will become the authoritative source of historical HR information. It will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Do you know where to find new HR forms?

  • Many HR forms are being tweaked or revised in step with the transition to HR PeopleSoft. Of note, there are significant changes to the Employment Requisition (“blue” sheet) and Academic Appointment Data Sheet. There are also some new forms.
  • HR forms are available on the Queen’s University Human Resources website
  • If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader to view HR forms, visit the Adobe Reader website.

Are you aware of the procedures for requesting system access and training after Feb. 17th?

  • To request security access to PeopleSoft post go-live, users must complete the HR-FRM-035A HRMS Security Access Request Form (General). This ensures supervisory approval for access to the information in PeopleSoft. To find the HRMS Access Form, look under the PeopleSoft>Forms tab on the HR website
  • Specific training is normally required before access is granted to ensure the user knows how to use the system. The HR Support Centre will send users their training invitation(s) when a security access request is received for a role that requires training (i.e. Timekeeper).
  • The training schedule has been designed to ensure that training is offered in advance of each biweekly and monthly payroll cut-offs (e.g. Feb.29-Mar.1, Mar. 9, Mar. 28-29, Apr. 10, Apr. 25-26)

Do you know who your timekeeper(s) and departmental administrator(s) will be?

  • In PeopleSoft, a person responsible for reporting time, attendance and short-term leave for a designated group of employees is known as a Timekeeper. Departments at Queen's have designated at least one primary timekeeper and one backup to ensure staff time is accurately recorded for payroll purposes, adherence to existing Queen's policy and to meet legal obligations as an employer. The number of Timekeepers varies according to the size and composition of the departments they cover. Typically a timekeeper would be the administrator for all staff in a department, including research staff. Departments with only a single administrator have arrangements with their Faculty Offices for backup and to report their own time.
  • Departments responsible for hiring casuals, students or research staff need to designate one or more individuals to take on the role of “HR Departmental Administrators” who is responsible for processing decentralized contract hires for casuals, students or research staff. Employees in this decentralized role (i.e. working outside the HR Department) will use PeopleSoft to enter data on hires, rehires and renewals. Some researchers may require this access directly when hiring their own research staff.
  • If you wish to confirm your Timekeeper or HR Departmental Administrator, please contact your staffing officer or faculty office. For more information on timekeeping, see the QUASR Timekeepers page.

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