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Employment Equity


Queen's University is committed to fostering an institutional culture which recognizes and respects the equal dignity and worth of all who seek to participate in the life, work and mission of the University, by developing policies, programs, practices and traditions which facilitate their free, safe and full participation and by eliminating direct, indirect and systemic discrimination, particularly against members of disadvantaged groups.


The University is committed to the principles of employment equity and to achieving diversity in its workforce. Queen's employment equity plan was created and implemented according to criteria set out by the Federal Contractors Program (FCP).

As an organization with more than 100 employees who has contracts with the Federal Government of $200,000 or more, Queen's is subject to the FCP requirements. The FCP, a program which identifies Aboriginal peoples, members of visible minorities, persons with disabilities and women as groups historically disadvantaged in employment in Canada, was established in 1986.

When the University created its plan for employment equity in 1992, it was the first phase of a plan to achieve equity in employment at the University. University reports, which were finalized in 1994 and again in 2000, assessed the situation at that time and updated the University's plan. The plan outlines the University's comprehensive approach to achieving employment equity in the Queen's workforce and is based on the University's firm commitment to the removal of discriminatory barriers and its resolve to produce a diversity of the Queen's population that reflects the diversity of the Canadian population.

A three-part equity structure was established in 1997 to ensure that Queen's moves forward with the equity agenda. The structure includes the Office of the University Advisor on Equity, the Council on Employment Equity and the Senate Educational Equity Committee.

The University Advisor on Equity reports directly to the Principal of the University and is mandated to work with officers of the University, the Senate Educational Equity Committee and the Council on Employment Equity to ensure that equity is achieved throughout the University. In addition to the newly established structure, a number of established positions in the Queen's Human Rights Office and in Human Resources have responsibilities directly related to equity on campus.