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Employment of Relatives


The University does not discourage, nor prohibit the employment of more than one member of a family. However, due to the potential for conflicts of interest, the appointment of an immediate relative of a current employee to the same department is discouraged and requires prior declaration to the appropriate authority (usually the department head or director). This policy is in accordance with the Conflict of Interest and Commitment policy.


Normally, such appointments should not occur in circumstances where one member of a family would exercise any form of supervision or direct influence over an immediate relative.

For the purpose of this policy, an immediate relative is defined as spouse, common-law spouse, same-sex partner, child, stepchild, sibling, parent, sister/brother-in-law, mother/father-in-law, grandparent and grandchild.

This policy should also be applied in circumstances involving familial or intimate personal relationships.

Examples of conflicts of interest related to the employment of relatives include:

  • hiring decisions
  • promotions
  • renewal of contracts
  • performance evaluation
  • disciplinary procedures
  • salary considerations
  • respect for confidentiality

In the event that this situation does occur, the supervisor in the relationship will not be the sole decision-making authority. They will prepare a proposal for consideration of the department head/director where approval may or may not be granted.

In cases where the department head/director is involved, these issues should be discussed with the appropriate dean or vice-principal. In these circumstances, the department head and/or supervisor are responsible for maintaining the fair and equitable application of policies and procedures.