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Hours of Work


The normal work week is 35 hours consisting of seven (7) hours per day, Monday to Friday. However, some employees work and are paid on the basis of a different work week.

The normal core hours of operation for most departments are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. year round . Departments which have more than three support staff are normally expected to remain open throughout the lunch hour.


  1. Employees may make a request to their supervisor to alter their individual start and finish times. Such requests will be considered subject to the operational requirements of the department. A primary requirement is that each department must be staffed adequately during the department's regular operating hours.

  2. The lunch period will normally be one hour, although a staff member may, with the approval of their supervisor, choose a 30 minute lunch break and leave 30 minutes earlier, or choose a 1 1/2 hour lunch period, and stay 30 minutes later. The choice of a shorter or longer lunch period is subject to the operational requirements of the department.

  3. Coffee/Rest Breaks: Each staff member is entitled to have a break of 15 minutes in both the morning and the afternoon. The purpose of such breaks is to provide a few minutes of rest and relaxation near the middle of each half of the work day. Breaks should be taken at a convenient point in the flow of duties and care should be taken to ensure that breaks do not exceed the proper time period. Break time cannot be accumulated and taken as time off.

  4. Research, Grant and Contract Positions: The nature of the activities for which a principal investigator is responsible may require some flexibility in the work hours of the contract employee. However, any work requirement outside standard work hours (eg. evening, night or weekend hours) must be identified in the Offer of Employment as a special condition of employment. Any such conditions are accepted by the employee by their signature on the Offer of Employment.