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Recruitment and Selection Policy

Please note that the university’s Recruitment and Selection Policy for non-unionized employees has been suspended pending review.

The university’s new recruitment management system CareerQ goes live on May 31, 2017.

CareerQ will support the university’s commitment to attracting highly skilled staff. Hiring managers will be able to focus on selecting the best talent in a timely and professional manner, as the new online system makes the hiring process more efficient.

Furthermore, candidates will have the opportunity to self-identify as members of an equity-seeking group, which will help the university make further progress on its employment equity commitments. Visit the CareerQ project website to learn more.

Until May 30th, Hiring Managers should continue to complete an Approval to Fill a Vacancy form, to initiate temporary (term) and regular (continuing, continuing term) staff appointments.   For renewal of term appointments, submit an Appointment Renewal and Change form.

Please visit the following links for information about:

 Please contact your HR Advisor to discuss the university’s requirements for posting vacant or new positions.