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Salary Reductions


An employee's salary will not be reduced because of a re-evaluation which results in a lower salary grade. If the employee's salary is above the range maximum for the lower grade, the salary will remain fixed until it equals the maximum, at which time it will be adjusted in accordance with adjustments in the maximum.


  1. This policy applies to employees in continuing/term staff positions and research, grant and contract positions.


Where an employee is the successful candidate for a lower graded position, his or her annual FTE salary will be decreased by 5% per grade moved. Where a 5% decrease results in a salary between range steps, the salary will be adjusted to the next closest step up in the new range but will not exceed the maximum of the range.


  1. This policy applies to appointments to continuing/term positions.

  2. Salaries related to new appointments to contract positions are normally set at the minimum of the range. However, if the successful candidate has internal status and if funding is available, the above policy may apply.

  3. If an employee voluntarily accepts reduced responsibilities which result in a lower salary grade, the above policy will apply.

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