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Temporary Assignments


Departments will occasionally be required to make temporary appointments to replace staff who are ill, on leave, on vacation, or to supplement the normal staff complement. When such short-term work becomes available, departments may select and fill the vacancy through a Temporary Assignment.

A Temporary Assignment is one which is expected to either terminate in less than four (4) months, be on an ad hoc basis or, have a work week which totals less than 14 hours. This policy does not apply to current Queen's staff who hold continuing, term, or research, grant and contract appointments of at least 14 hours per week.


Two alternatives are available to departments when they are arranging for Temporary Assignments:

  1. employ the individual directly as an employee of Queen's University

  2. use the services of one of the various employment agencies

If at any time it becomes apparent that the temporary assignment will extend beyond this initial four-month period or evolves into regular assigned hours, the Employment Section of Human Resources should be contacted to discuss arranging a term or research, grant and contract appointment. Consideration should be given to making the vacancy available to general staff through publication of a vacancy advertisement om the Human Resources Website.

Where assignments are filled by employing individuals directly as employees of Queen's, departments may either:

  • contact the Employment Section of Human Resources to request names of individuals available for hourly paid assignments

  • make departmental arrangements, e.g., directly contact individuals.

In both situations, the supervisor compensates the individual at an hourly rate of pay by completing and submitting a salary requisition form to Human Resources, Compensation Unit. Administrators responsible for temporary assignments should be aware of and ensure that they comply with Human Rights and Employment Standards legislation, i.e., Pay for Public Holidays and Vacation Pay. The Human Resources Department is available to assist the department in determining appropriate rates of pay and advise in the interpretation of legislation.

Where assignments are filled by an individual who works for an Employment Agency, all arrangements including the fee structure are made directly with the agency. While the individual is within the department, they are an employee of the agency and not Queen's University. In addition, the University has no financial responsibilities for the individual such as Vacation Pay, WSIB Benefits, Employment Insurance, Pay for Public Holidays, etc., other than the fee paid to the employment agency.