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Access to Personnel Files


Personnel files are the property of the University. Documents contained in these files will not be removed or destroyed while a staff member is currently employed at the University. These documents are the historical record of an employee's work and benefits history while at Queen's.

The University recognizes the rights of an individual to their privacy. Information about the employment and performance of University employees is considered to be confidential and will not be released to external organizations unless the employee has provided a written request for the release of specific information.


Access to a complete file is restricted to the auditors and staff who administer employment, benefits and compensation policies.

The employee may see all sections of their file.

If a supervisor (person who has the right to hire or fire or make the effective recommendation to do so, or handles disciplinary matters, or conducts performance appraisals, or delegates work and ensures that it is satisfactory) or designate has an operational need to see one of their employee's files, the supervisor will be shown the relevant information by an authorized member of the Human Resources staff. The supervisor may only see information from the Employment History and CV/Resume Sections.

An employee may make an appointment with Human Resources to view his/her file.