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Queen's Special Recognition for Staff Awards

Policy & Procedure

Policy Statement

The purpose of the Award is to recognize staff members who consistently provide outstanding contributions during their workday, directly or indirectly, to the learning and working environment at Queen's University at a level significantly beyond what is usually expected (e.g. improving the workplace efficiency, quality of work life, customer service, problem-solving, etc.).

Nominations will be accepted in two categories;

  1. Individuals
  2. Teams (a maximum of two awarded per year)

For a group of individuals who share mutual responsibilities and demonstrate a cooperative team effort, the "team" aspect of their performance must be clearly identified and documented. There will be one certificate awarded for each successful "team" nomination.

The Nomination and Selection process is confidential.


  1. All staff members, full-time or part-time who are employed on a continuing basis or on a term contract for twelve months or more will be eligible for nomination. Occasional part-time or term employees may be eligible if their aggregate service exceeds one year. Any staff member employed by Queen's in the last twelve months is eligible to receive this award.

  2. Any member of the Queen's community including students, staff, faculty, alumni, co-workers, supervisors, and members of the public who have an interest in the University may submit nominations. Nominations may be submitted at any time but October 15, 2015 is the submission deadline for nominations to be considered for the December awards.

  3. For nomination package instructions please see page entitled Nomination Package Instructions. Unless otherwise specified by the supporter, the original copy of all nomination material will be given to those candidates selected for the award. The original copy of the nomination material for unsuccessful candidates will be kept on file for three years.

  4. The Selection Committee is convened by the Vice-Principal (Human Resources). Members normally serve for three years. The composition of the Committee is:

    • 3 staff - 1 full-time continuing; 1 contract; 1 unionized (normally at least one staff member shall be a past recipient)
    • 2 students - 1 undergraduate, 1 graduate
    • 1 faculty
    • 1 department head/director
    • 1 senior administrator - VP or similar
    • Chair - Vice-Principal (Human Resources)
  5. Nominations will be reviewed by the committee using the general criteria of eligibility as described in Section i. Contributions may be job related or other forms of activity, participation or support relating to the University community. Factors considered by the committee will be:

    • Nature and type of contribution significantly beyond what is usually expected (e.g. improving workplace efficiency, quality of worklife, customer service, problem-solving, etc.)
    • Breadth of impact over and above what is usually expected including activities outside specific job responsibilities
    • Innovativeness over and above what is usually expected
    • Evidence of initiatives to develop and/or upgrade work skills over and above what is usually expected
    • In the case of a "team", evidence of the collective aspect of the nominees' performance over and above what is usually expected
    • Strength of support in nominations
    • Range of nominators
    • Length of service
  6. The committee may recommend up to eight nominees for awards. In the event that more than eight nominations meet or exceed the criteria, the eight most outstanding nominations shall be recommended, with the proviso that no more than two of those shall be for "team" nominations.

  7. The committee will forward its recommendations to the Principal by November 15. The Principal will make the final decision.

Announcement of Awards

After the Principal's decision, the Awards shall be presented at the Principal's Reception in December. Names of the award winners shall be published through "e-Queen's". Each individual or team chosen will receive an attractively framed certificate; in addition a Queen's captain's chair will be presented to each individual. Successful candidates will receive their original letters and other supporting material after the presentation of the award unless otherwise specified by the supporters.

Nomination Instructions