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Queen's Special Recognition for Staff Awards Recipients



Barbra Lalonde Brousseau
Global Development Studies
Wendy Cumpson
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Fiona Froats
School of Policy Studies
Selina Idlas
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Pamela Livingston
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Joan Sharpe & Emily Smith
Surveillance Studies Centre (Team)
Colette Steer
School of Graduate Studies
Sandra Turcotte
School of Rehabilitation Therapy




Sandra McFadden, Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards)

Sandra Murray, Centre for Teaching & Learning

Benjamin Seewald, Advancement (Alumni Affairs)

Deborah Smith, Office of the University Registrar (Exams Office)

Angela Street, Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards)

Melinda Knox & Kelly Blair-Matuk (Team), Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)


Kathy Baer, Gender Studies

Kimberley Bell, Queen’s University Library

Andy Hooper, Information Technology Services

Agathe Nicholson, French Studies

Carol Noel, Biology

Tice Post, Biology

Kathy Reed, University Research Services

Francoise Sauriol, Chemistry


Kenneth Ball, Faculty of Education

Debra Easter, Student Affairs

Lee Hancock, Information Technology Services

Matthew King, Social Program Evaluation Group

Marjorie Lambert, Mathematics and Statistics

Elizabeth Racine, Health, Counselling and Disability Services

Brenda Schamehorn, Biology

Team Award – Maritza Bailey; Kate Cowperthwaite; Tina McKenna; Oscar Rielo; Perry Ross; Larry Steele, The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining


Anne Tobin, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Team Award - Cathy Dickison; Cindy Fehr; Yvonne Place; Deborah Stirton-Massey; Department of History


Theresa Brennan, Economics

Terena Grice, Financial Services

Stephen Kincaid, Physical Plant Services

Peter Skensved, SNOLAB Research Group

Mike Smith, Information Technology Services

Karilee Whiteway, School of Computing


Mark Badham, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Diane Butler, Faculty of Law

Denise Cameron, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Elspeth Christie, Health, Counselling and Disability Services

Rick Eves, Psychology

Kathy Goodfriend, English

Lynne Meilleur, Diagnostic Radiology

Sharon Posadowski, Central Planning Unit (FIXIT)


Monica Corbett (School of Graduate Studies)

Jerry Dering (Microbiology & Immunology)

Spring Forsberg (Faculty of Arts & Science)

Irene High (Office of the University Registrar)

Janet LeSarge (Pharmacology & Toxicology)

Karen Pearce (Athletics & Recreation)

Diane Sommerfeld (Biochemistry)

Kathy Jackson, Angie Maltby, Melody Monte, Josie Birchall, Trish Stenzl, Tim Dowker, Sherri Ferris(School of Kinesiology & Health Studies Team)


Donna Addison (Health, Counselling & Disability Services)

Wanda Badger (The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining)

Lucy Briceland (Registrar's Office/QUASR)

Annette Keyes (Chemistry)

Anita M. Lister (Anatomy & Cell Biology)

Wendy Schuler ( Sociology)

Patricia Sullivan (Agnes Etherington Art Centre)

Marilyn Lavoie (Philosophy Department Team)

Judy Vanhooser


Christine Berga (Office of the Principal)

Heather Brennan (Residences)

Cathy Hitchins (School of Medicine)

Richard Hunt (Anatomy and Cell Biology)

Anne Richards (School of Medicine)

Margaret (Peggy) Watkin (University Secretariat)

Maureen Yearsley ( Queen's Libraries)

John Bond, Joan Knox, Kathy Hoover, Sheila MacDonald, Sharon Mohammed, Mark Publicover (Department of Geography Team)


Kathy Beers (International Centre)

Laura Esford (International Programs Office)

Steven Hodgson (Chemical Engineering)

Linda Lam (Financial Services)

Wendy Powley (School of Computing)

Diane Reid (Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts & Science)

Barbara Saunders (Pathology & Molecular Medicine)

Jacqueline Schutt (School of Medicine)


Nancy Barker (School of Computing)

Linda Graham (Department of Film Studies)

Kathy Hoover (Department of Geography)

Bonnie Lawrie (Queen's University International Centre)

Bonnie Livingstone (Office of Executive Director of Housing)

Lynn O'Malley (Department of Sociology)


Lee Atkinson (Drama)

Janet Cowperthwaite (University Secretariat)

Jill Moore (Psychology)

Diane Nolting (Health Counselling & Disability Services)

Teresa Smith (Classics)

Tom Bradshaw, Dave Dove, Ben Hall, Richard Linley & Gary Powley (School of Computing Team)


Kris Bowes (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Annette Lilly (School of Business)

Kelly Moore (Neuroscience Studies)

Barbara Schlafer (Ban Righ Centre)

Floyd Connor & Frank Phelan (Biology Station Team)

Kim Shaw & Rodney Wilson (Althetics & Physical Education Team)


Jennine Ball (Economics)

Margaret Burns (Chemical Engineering)

Julie French (Biology)

Sharon Lillis (Faculty of Education)

Robin Roberts (Chemistry)

Debby Robertson (School of Computing)


Bernice Ison (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Wendy Lloyd (Human Resources)

Nancy Somers (Faculty of Law)

Maxine Wilson (Philosophy)

Troy Laporte, Ken Montroy and Brian Secker (Faculty of Education Building Assistant Team)

Sherril Barr, Karen Donnelly and Kathy Goodfriend (English Department Team)


Chris Boer (Microbiology and Immunology)

Melody Monte (Psychology)

Jennifer Read (Mathematics and Statistics)

Tammy O'Neil and Nadine Thompson (Faculty of Education Team)


Susan Bedell (Faculty of Arts and Science)

Ellen Hawman (Disraeli Project)

Heather Potts (Faculty of Education)

Mike Smith (Information Technology Services)


Lyn Barclay (Faculty of Education)

Richard Boswell (Chemistry)

Sherry Mangan (Advancement)

Gerry Pynenburg (Printing Services)


Susan Anderson (International Centre)

Patricia Bogstad (University Registrar (Student Awards))

G. Wayne Lyons (Anatomy and Cell Biology)

Terrie Easter Sheen (Women's Studies)

Alan Travers (Faculty of Education)

Bob Ewart & Dan Gratto (Faculty of Education Team)


Irene LaFleche (Computing & Information Science)

Deborah Stirton-Massey (History)

Joan Westenhaefer (Sociology)

Joyce Zakos (Office of the Principal)

Tom Hunter, Ted Ison, Scott Meskis, Pat Mulligan & Len Rose (Chemistry Team)


Audrey Bailey (Medicine)

Robert Campbell (Chemistry)

LaVerne Russell (Biochemistry)

Lise Thompson (French Studies)

Patrick Tobin (Physiology)

Dee Wilson (Office of V.P. (Academic))


Anne Cumpson (Faculty of Medicine)

Linda Freeman (School of Business)

John Offenbeck (Documents Unit, Stauffer Library)

Vivian Porter (Student Counselling)

Lee Tierney (University Secretariat)

Nancy Wood (Research Services)


Paul Dumbleton (Printing Services)

George Henderson (Archives)

Gail Knutson (Faculty of Medicine)

Jane Leach (Psychology)

Hans Metz (Biochemistry)

Jill Wing (Faculty of Education)


Blake Gubbins (Pathology)

Jill Harris (University Secretariat)

Margot Jones (Faculty of Education)

Ellen McKay (Economics)

Thelma Rikley (Faculty of Medicine)

Robert Smithies (Physiology)


Mary Burgstaler (Faculty of Medicine)

Helen Campbell (School of Rehabilitation Therapy)

Lynn Freeman (School of Public Administration)

Marilyn Hood (Faculty of Arts and Science)

Robert Johnson (General Services, McArthur Hall)

Mary Salsbury (Faculty of Medicine)


John Besselink (General Services, McArthur Hall)

Jacqueline Campbell (Health Services)

Patricia McHenry (Faculty of Medicine)

Sheila Needham (Chaplain's Office)

Jessica Roddy (Dean of Women's Office)

Erdmute Waldhauer (Drama)