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General Leave Without Pay


A department head/designate may agree to a staff member's request for one or more days of leave of absence without pay, subject not only to the merits of the employee's case, but also on the operational requirements of the department.

Where the request for unpaid leave is for an extended period of time, the department head should discuss the request with a member of the Human Resources Department before making a decision.


  1. Requests for unpaid leave must be submitted in writing to the department head/designate and should indicate not only the requested dates of absence, but also the reason for the request.

  2. If the leave is approved, the Department must complete a Request for Leave of Absence form and send it to Human Resources, Compensation Unit in order that appropriate payroll adjustments are made.

  3. A staff member who takes an unpaid leave of absence for a period or periods exceeding 1 month, does not accumulate service for vacation entitlement during that period. Vacation entitlement shall be pro-rated for the period or periods actually worked.

  4. The staff member should contact the Human Resources, Compensation Unit to discuss arrangements for continuation of some staff benefit plans. However, the full premium cost for such plans is entirely the responsibility of the employee.