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Christmas Closing


The normal operations of the University close down over the Christmas period, with only designated essential services running. The University allows staff members the full time off between Christmas and New Year's Day inclusive, without loss of salary.

The actual dates of the closure (normal working days) will be determined by the University. In general, the dates of the closing will be in accordance with the day of the week upon which Christmas falls, according to the following guideline:

If Christmas Day is... The normal week off is...
Sunday December 26, 27, 28, 29,30 and January 2
Monday December 25, 26, 27, 28,29 and January 1
Tuesday December 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31 and January 1
Wednesday December 25, 26, 27, 30, 31 and January 1
Thursday December 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, January 1 and 2
Friday December 25, 28, 29, 30, 31 and January 1
Saturday December 27, 28, 29, 30, 31


This policy applies to continuing, term and contract positions. Casual employees do not qualify.

  1. Where an employee is required to work on any of the days they normally would have worked, (other than Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Day), they will be paid time and one half for the hours worked, in addition to their regular salary. Alternately, where operational requirements permit, an employee may choose to be compensated by taking the time and one half as lieu time, at a mutually convenient time to the Employer and the employee. Decisions regarding which of these two options will be chosen, should be reached between the Department and the employee prior to the observed holiday.

  2. Where an employee is required to work on Christmas, Boxing Day or New Year's Day, they will be paid in accordance to the Observed Holiday policy.

  3. Should an employee be scheduled to work on a regular off day during this shut down period, they will receive payment under the Overtime policy.

  4. When Christmas Eve falls on a normal working day, regularly scheduled hours will cease at noon that day. However, should Christmas Eve fall on a Monday, the full day off will be granted.

  5. When New Year's Day falls on a Thursday, Friday January 2 will be granted as an additional day off.