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Fill a New or Vacant Position

When a Manager identifies the need for additional resources and obtains all appropriate approvals for a new position, he or she will provide their HR Advisor with the following:

  1. Completed 'Approval to Fill a Vacancy' form (HR-FRM-028) with approval signatures (including the budget office)
  2. Draft a new position summary (use the template position summary form to create the draft)


    Existing position summary (ensure that tracked changes are shown)

  3. Position comparators (if applicable)
  4. Additional relevant information (if applicable)

Send all the above documentation attached in an e-mail to your HR advisor -- note 'Request to Post' or 'Request to Appoint' in the subject line.

Once the position summary has reached final draft, the Manager will be required to sign and return the position summary to their HR Advisor to finalize the approval to post or approval to appoint process.

For recruitment support, contact your HR Advisor.

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