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Position Re-Evaluation Criteria and Process for General Staff in Grades 2 to 14, including Research & USW


To qualify for re-evaluation a position must:

  • be currently filled
  • the position must have undergone significant changes that are ongoing in nature
  • the incumbent must have held the position for at least six months
  • a re-evaluation pertains to a position, not to the incumbent in a position or work performance.

Following are guidelines for assessing a position's need for re-evaluation:

Changes that may meet the criteria for position re-evaluation:

  • Organizational change that has an impact on one or more positions in the department, and results in ongoing, significant changes to affected positions
  • Ongoing, significant changes to the focus, function and/or scope of a position
  • Ongoing, significant changes in the position's responsibilities, requiring substantially different levels of knowledge and/or special skills, and decision making

Changes that do not meet the criteria for position re-evaluation:

  • Assignment of additional duties that are comparable or similar in nature to the former responsibilities of the position
  • Increased volume of work
  • Increased supervisory responsibility that is not substantive (e.g., adding one or two additional direct reports to a position)

Retroactivity For Positions in Grades 2 to 14

The effective date for pay adjustments resulting from upward grade level change for positions in grades 2 to 14 will be the date indicated by the Manager on the Request for Re-evaluation Form (HR-FRM-039). Pay changes may be made retroactively in consultation with HR.  Management staff are expected to submit requests as close as possible to the effective date of the position changes.

The Position Re-Evaluation Process

A Manager who believes that a position under his or her supervision may have changed significantly and meets the criteria for re-evaluation will follow the process below:

  1. The Manager reviews the Request for Position Re-evaluation Form (HR-FRM-039) and the FAQ - Position Re-evaluation Process.  For additional information, contact your HR Advisor. If sending an email, note 'Re-evaluation Request Enquiry' in the Subject line.

  2. If the Manager believes that the re-evaluation request meets the criteria, the Manager completes and signs the Request for Position Re-evaluation Form (HR-FRM-039) and sends all the following documents to the HR Advisor:
    • Completed Request for position re-evaluation form (HR-FRM-039) (must have 2 management signatures)
    • Proposed revised position summary in MS Word with tracked changes shown (using the Position Summary template)
    • Current and New Organizational Charts (a rough draft is acceptable)
  3. An HR team member conducts a review of the request for re-evaluation.   The Manager will be contacted to obtain additional information, if required, and/or to validate the position information in order to complete the assessment.

  4. The HR team member may make suggested changes to the submitted revised position summary, review the suggestions with the Manager and together draft a final position summary.

  5. The Manager may consult with the employee and ask for input.  Managers are encouraged to involve their employees in the process by seeking their input into the final proposed position summary. The Department Head/Director or designate may also provide the Manager with feedback.

  6. The position summary is finalized.

  7. The position is re-evaluated. Note that changes in a position do not necessarily result in a change in grade level. The position will also be analyzed to determine whether or not a change in status relating to bargaining unit inclusion/exclusion is required.

  8. Results of the re-evaluation, including pay adjustments, if applicable, are communicated to the Manager. HR also sends a letter to the incumbent to communicate the results of the re-evaluation.

If you have questions regarding the re-evaluation criteria or process, please contact your HR Advisor.