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Queen’s & USW Local 2010 Job Evaluation Project

Creating a Modern, Updated Point-Factor System to Evaluate Jobs in the USW Bargaining Unit 

September 20, 2018
The JE project is now in its second phase. The project team is in the final stretch of gathering specific job information about USW positions in order to evaluate them using the JE system tools.

The Job Evaluation (JE) project was initiated to develop and implement a new JE system for positions in the USW Local 2010 bargaining unit. Through collective bargaining, Queen’s University and USW Local 2010 (USW) have partnered to establish a joint Job Evaluation Committee (JEC) to investigate, evaluate, and make recommendations for a mutually acceptable, gender-neutral, point factor job evaluation system and methodology for bargaining unit jobs that is compliant with the Ontario Pay Equity Act.

There are approximately 1,250 staff in the USW bargaining unit whose positions currently encompass a wide variety of jobs spanning grades two through nine. Other employee groups, such as confidential/excluded group, research group, and the QMPG are not within the scope of this project.

This project works through a coordinated effort between the Queen’s administration, the USW leadership, managers, and employees who hold positions in the USW bargaining unit.

Time Saving Tips – Completing the JCQ

  1. Read the questions carefully. You can only submit the JCQ once, and incomplete or incorrect submissions will mean more time for you and for the project team to correct.
  2. Position Summaries have been provided and are a valuable reference to ensure you have enough information to complete the JCQ.
  3. Use extra caution in the final pages of the JCQ to ensure you are ready to advance to the next page, and do not double click if a page loads slower than you expect. This will reduce the risk of accidentally submitting JCQ early, which would result in an incomplete submission.

Employee Education Sessions

The Education Sessions have concluded. Check out the slide deck for a comprehensive summary of the information delivered during the summer sessions:

Employee Education Session PowerPoint Presentation (PDF, 0.99 MB)

Project Timeline

The project is divided into three phases: Design, Evaluate, and Implement.

Design, Evaluate, and Implement


The Design phase began in January 2015 to design, develop, and test an updated job evaluation system, including a multi-factor scale for jobs to be evaluated on and an online questionnaire to capture all of the information necessary to collect in the Evaluate phase. The Design phase is now complete.


The Evaluation phase began in summer 2018 with the gathering of job content information and will continue until late 2018. This phase includes reaching out to managers and employees who hold positions in the USW bargaining unit to collect job information from them through the questionnaire. This information is collected by Human Resources Analysts and their evaluations are audited by the union. Evaluation results will be used to establish a job hierarchy.


The Implementation phase is targeted to begin in January 2020 and includes developing materials to support the change to the new JE system, performing a pay equity analysis, and transitioning to the new JE system.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is job content information being gathered?
    Job information is being gathered using the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ), a Job Evaluation system tool that was developed by Queen’s and the USW in the design phase of the Job Evaluation Project. The JCQ is an online questionnaire used to capture all of the information necessary to evaluate jobs.
  2. Will I need training in order to complete the JCQ?
    The Queen’s administration worked with USW leadership to develop education/training resources necessary for the Evaluation phase. Managers will need to review education materials and attend an in-person session to assist them in completing the JCQ. Sessions for employees will also be available and managers should encourage employees to attend.
  3. Will everyone in the USW Local 2010 bargaining unit receive a Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ)?
    All employees in the USW 2010 bargaining unit will be expected to contribute to the completion of a JCQ for their role. An individual JCQ online link for each position was distributed to the manager of the employee in that position in June 2018. The manager will forward the JCQ link electronically to each employee or group of employees as determined by their department’s process.
  4. Is there a sign-off process once the JCQ has been submitted?
    There is a separate sign-off process that will occur electronically following the submission of the JCQ. You will receive a separate email request from a member of the HR Project team to complete a DocuSign electronic signature on the final version of the JCQ. The University is using DocuSign software to capture digital signatures from employees and managers on the completed JCQs.
  5. Where do I go for any other questions I have?
    For other questions or support requests, complete a Support Request. All requests submitted will receive an automated acknowledgement and will be responded to within 2 business days.
Information for Managers
  1. One of my employees is away on leave what do I do?
    Employees on a leave will not be participating in the JCQ information gathering phase at this time. JCQ links were only sent out for positions with active employees holding them as of June 14, 2018. If you have particular questions with respect to a leave situation, please fill out a Support Request.
  2. One of my employees did not receive a JCQ link because they are/were on a short term work break, what do I do?
    Submit a Support Request once the employee returns to work.
  3. I need a re-evaluation to be performed on a current USW position. What do I do?
    Follow the existing re-evaluation process and complete the JCQ based on current responsibilities. The existing re-evaluation process will continue to be operational until the Transition Period commences, approximately 60 calendar days prior to anticipated date of implementation of the new Job Evaluation System.
  4. I do not manage one of the employees that HR identified as my direct report, or one of my direct reports was missing from the JCQ links provided to me. What should I do?
    Submit a Support Request listing the position number, employee’s name and correct manager if known. A member from the JE project team will work to have this updated and re-issue a JCQ link to the employee’s current manager.
  5. I am new to my particular management role at Queen’s, how can I get additional assistance with this process?
    Please submit a Support Request with as much information as possible about your concerns. The most appropriate HR resource will respond to your request.
  6. Is the JCQ tool supported by all standard web browsers?
    Yes, the JCQ has been tested and works consistently in Chrome, Explorer/Edge, and Firefox.
After Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ)
  1. How do I get a printed copy of my JCQ?
    Once you hit the final “NEXT” button at the end of the online JCQ, you will get a confirmation screen verifying that it has been successfully submitted. At that time you will also have an opportunity to download a PDF of your completed JCQ prior to the sign-off process.
  2. What happens next after the sign-off has been completed?
    Evaluations will be completed on the JCQs and results will be audited by designated USW representatives. Early May 2019 is the target date when managers and current incumbents will receive evaluation results, which will include the rating level on each sub-factor and the associated rationale, at the same time. The target date is contingent on several dependencies within this project.
  3. Will my pay be affected when the USW Local 2010 Job Evaluation System is operationalized?
    It is too early in the project to determine pay impacts, if any. However, it has been agreed with the USW that where, as a result of the transition to the new JE system, an employee’s salary would otherwise be reduced, there will be no reduction applied and their salary will remain unchanged until the maximum pay rate in the new pay grade exceeds the employee’s salary. Should there be any impact to pay, we will work with USW to communicate this to managers and employees.
Information for Employees
  1. Am I required to complete the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ)?
    You are required to work with your manager to ensure that an accurate JCQ is submitted for your position.
  2. I am a new employee to my position. Am I still expected to complete a JCQ?
    All incumbents in USW bargaining unit positions are expected to complete or contribute to the completion of a JCQ. It is important for the employee to be familiar with their role prior to completing a JCQ; therefore, employees who are new to a position or are returning from a recent leave can request a familiarization period from their manager. Managers must contact the project team by completing a Support Request when a familiarization period is required.
  3. Do my answers on the JCQ impact my performance evaluation?
    The performance evaluation process is a separate process from the job evaluation process. The information in the JCQ is being used for purposes of job evaluation solely, and will not impact performance evaluation.
  4. Who will see my completed JCQ?
    The job content information you provide may be read by managers, other employees in similar positions, Human Resources Staff, and USW members.
  5. Will the JCQ track changes made between managers and employees?
    The JCQ collection tool does not track changes; therefore, it is important for both the manager and employee(s) to thoroughly review the locked down PDF of the JCQ prior to signing off.
  6. Is there a way I can preview the JCQ prior to completing online?
    Yes. There is a PDF preview of the JCQ available to assist with planning prior to completing the online JCQ. Managers of employees holding positions within the USW bargaining unit have access to this resource through the shared Qshare manager folder. Should you find this a helpful resource, reach out to your manager to request a copy.
  7. My manager has not shared a JCQ link with me, why not?
    If you are a current incumbent in a USW bargaining unit position and you have not had any contact from your manager regarding the JCQ completion process, speak with your manager.
  8. How do I determine the level of physical effort when my physical effort related tasks are not represented in the examples provided?
    Select the closest example and associated level. In the subsequent free text question provide as much detail about the task and explain how it matches the specific example. If you require further assistance, please submit a Support Request.
  9. How do I provide total hours in Section 10 (Concentration) when work flow depends on the time of year?
    Refer to the average hours spent on selected activities throughout the year on a weekly basis (typically 35 hour work week at Queen’s). For example, if you spend an average of 2 hours a day each week instructing, you should record 10 hours a week instructing (2 hours x 5 days a week = 10 hours/week); OR if you instruct for 100% time 6 months of the year, you spend approximately half a week (e.g. 17-18 hours) instructing. For exceptions where you may find the total hours are greater or less than 35 please specify why in the free text question. Using numerical values, be sure to include frequency and duration in your explanation. The intent is not to rationalize the number of hours a week you are working.
  10. What do I do if the position summary (also known as a job description) I have is out of date/not accurate/not available?
    JCQs are to be completed based on the nature of the work currently being done in the role on the date that the JCQ is signed off by the incumbent(s) and manager completing the JCQ, even in circumstances where the most recent iteration of the position summary is out-of-date.
  11. I am unable to complete an online JCQ, how can I get support?
    If you do not have access to a computer as part of your normal work responsibilities, contact your manager or complete a Support Request. If you require any specific accommodations or have special needs for completing the JCQ, please contact Kathryn Aldrich in Human Resources: or x77791.
  12. Is there a process in place if I need support to reach an agreement with my manager on the content of my JCQ?
    Yes. If after conversation with your manager you cannot reach agreement, you can reach out to your HR client service advisor to facilitate a discussion and/or either party can independently fill out a JCQ Dispute Resolution Form.
JCQ Digital Signature
  1. What is the process for sign-off once the JCQ has been submitted?
    There is a separate sign-off process that will occur electronically following the submission of the JCQ.  You will receive a separate email request from a member of the HR Project team to signal that step.  The University is using DocuSign software to capture digital signatures from employees and managers on the completed JCQs.  The JCQ that is included in that e-signature invitation is the JCQ that was submitted for the position, there are no changes made to the JCQ.
  2. Who will the sign-off email be sent from?
    The sign-off email will be sent by a member of the JE project team via DocuSign. The current senders are: Carolyn Gibson, Danielle Des Tombe, Olivia Thedorf, Kristen Prior, Sarah Heeney, Sue McLeish, Kathryn Aldrich, Darlene Daniels, and Cheryl Irvine-Moore. This FAQ will be updated if there is any change to senders.
  3. Is there another method to access DocuSign, if I don’t feel comfortable using the link provided?
    If you don’t recognize the sender of a DocuSign envelope and you are uncertain of the authenticity of an email, look for the unique security code at the bottom of the notification email. All DocuSign envelopes include a unique security code. Access your documents directly from, click Access Documents then enter the unique security code.
  4. How many sign-off emails via DocuSign can I expect to receive?

    Manager: A manager will receive one invitation for sign-off for each JCQ that was submitted.

    Example 1:  A manager with two direct reports that submitted two JCQs will receive two emails with signature instructions and unique identifier for each JCQ.

    Example 2:  A manager with two direct reports that submitted one JCQ to cover both positions will receive one email with signature instruction for the one JCQ.

    Employee:  An employee will receive one sign-off email with instruction for the JCQ that was submitted to cover their position.

  5. If one JCQ was submitted to cover off more than one position, will each employee receive a sign-off email for that JCQ?
    Yes, each employee whose position was identified as being covered by that JCQ submitted will receive a sign-off email.

Project Forms

Queen's and USW Local 2010 Job Evaluation Project - Job Content Questionnaire Dispute Resolution Form (HR-FRM-002)
Requires Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Joint Project Progress Updates

Work underway in support of the current phase involves regular and ongoing coordination of work between HR Analysts on the project team, USW leadership, and members involved in auditing evaluation results. Further milestone updates will be posted to the project page.

Joint Project Progress Updates

Help and Support

If you have any questions please fill out a Support Request Form. You can expect an initial response within two business days.