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Queen's & USW JE System Project

The following is an overview of the Queen's & USW Job Evaluation (JE) Project.

Existing JE System

The current system has been in place since the early 1990s and is in need of modernization in order to reflect our changing work environment.

Going Forward with a New Job Evaluation System

A Letter of Understanding (LOU) regarding job evaluation was part of the 2011, first Collective Agreement between Queen's University and USW Local 2010 in 2011. The commitment to the JE project was renewed as part of the 2015 collective agreement. USW Local 2010 represent approximately 1,150 Queen's staff members.

A Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JEC) was formed for the purpose of investigating, evaluating and making recommendations on a new job evaluation system. The JEC is proceeding to design and develop new job evaluation tools for USW bargaining unit positions.

Joint JE Committee Progress Updates