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Childcare Support Plan

The Childcare Support Plan provides reimbursement for eligible daycare expenses to Queen's faculty and staff with dependent children under the age of seven (7) attending a childcare facility. In addition, specific plans provide reimbursement for eligible expenses for dependent children between the ages of seven (7) and up to the end of the month in which they turn twelve (12).

Please review your plan details below and/or the Childcare Support Plan Additional Information prior to contacting your HR Advisor with questions.

All portions of the online application process (steps 1 and 2) need to be completed and the online Confirmation of Attendance Form needs to be submitted to Human Resources by the deadline below for each group.
Note: Incomplete applications will not be accepted beyond the respective deadline.

Login to: Childcare System

Application Deadlines

Completed "Confirmation of Attendance" forms must be received by Human Resources by the following dates:

Employee Group Plan Deadline  Support Plans
Non-Union Grades 2 to 9 (Confidential/Managerial Excludes) February 28

Non-Union Grades 2 to 9 (Confidential/Managerial Excludes) (PDF 329 KB)

Senior Management (Grades 10 to 14)

February 28 Senior Management Grades 10 to 14 (PDF 328 KB)
U.S.W Continuing/Term General Staff February 28

U.S.W Continuing/Term General Staff Childcare Support Plan (PDF 89 KB)

OPSEU Continuing/Term General Staff February 28

OPSEU Continuing/Term General Staff Childcare Support Plan (PDF 211 KB)

Research February 28

Queen's University Staff Association Research, Grant and Contract Staff Childcare Support Plan (PDF 90 KB)

QUFA February 1

Queen's University Faculty Association Childcare Support Plan (PDF 285 KB)

Senior Administration (Executive) February 1

Senior Administration (Executive) Group Childcare Support Plan (PDF 91 KB)

C.U.P.E. Local 229 March 31

C.U.P.E. Local 229 Childcare Support Plan (PDF 90 KB)

C.U.P.E. Local 254 March 31

C.U.P.E. Local 254 Childcare Support Plan (PDF 127 KB)

C.U.P.E. Local 1302 March 31

C.U.P.E. Local 1302 Childcare Support Plan (PDF 222 KB)

GFT February 1

GFT Clinical Faculty Childcare Support Plan (PDF 109 KB)

ONA - QFHT Registered Nurses (Contact Human Resources for manual application) March 31

ONA-QFHT Childcare Support Program (PDF 174 KB)

Public Service Alliance Of Canada (PSAC)
LOCAL 901, Unit 2 – Postdoctoral Fellows
February 1

Childcare Support Plan (PDF, 353 KB)

Appeal Process

If you missed the deadline* for applying or your application was declined and you would like to make an appeal under the Childcare Benefit Plan, please complete an appeal form.

*Please note that only significant adversity will be considered when the reason for appealing is a missed deadline. Significant adversity will not include things like: "I was too busy", either with personal or work commitments; "I forgot because no reminder was sent out", etc.

Do not use the appeal form if the online application system is telling you that you are ineligible for the benefit. Please contact the HR Benefits Analyst immediately in that case.

Questions? Contact Human Resources.