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Semi-Private Hospital Plan

The website describes the principal features of the group benefit plan sponsored by Queen’s University, but Group Policy No. 139046 issued by Great-West Life is the governing document. If there are variations between the information on this site and the provisions of the policy, the policy will prevail.

Semi-Private Hospitalization benefits pay the difference between semi-private hospital charges and standard ward rates for you or your insured dependent. Coverage is for reasonable and customary expenses not covered by a government plan.

Standard ward rates are currently paid by your provincial health plan.

If you (or your insured dependent) should be hospitalized due to emergency treatment outside Canada, the plan will reimburse you for semi-private hospitalization at the rate that would have been applied had the hospitalization occurred in your home province.

Monthly premiums are based on the level of coverage required (i.e. single or family)


Insurance ceases immediately upon termination of employment.

Coverage at Retirement under the Retiree Benefits Plan

Please see Retiree Benefits to access the Retiree Benefits Booklet.