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Case Summary

  • Daniel pressures Dupont into a relationship (2004)
  • In 2004, Dr Marc Daniel met Ms. Lori Dupont in the recovery room of Windsor's Hotel-Dieu Grace. The anesthesiologist became obsessed with the nurse, pursuing her relentlessly, eventually persuading her to go out with him, and finally pressing her into moving in together into her newly acquired house (much of which he paid for).
  • Daniel disciplined for harassing other nurses (Jan 2005)
  • Before and during this time, Dr. Daniel had harassed three other nurses in the hospital;  he had broken one nurse's finger, had excluded another from the operating room and had verbally abused a nurse manager. These incidents triggered an investigation into his workplace conduct. As a result of the investigation, Dr. Daniel was required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement requiring him to 1)  go on probation, 2) to abide by the rules of the harassment policy, 3) to obey the Code of Conduct and 4) to take anger management therapy.
  • Daniel attempts suicide; Dupont leaves him (Feb 2005)
  • On February 27, 2005, Daniel injected himself with intravenous drugs commonly used to induced anesthesia. This was not investigated. The treating doctors in the acute psychiatric ward believed Daniel's explanation of using drugs to deal with the pressures of work. They did not believe Dupont and her mother, who claimed that the suicidal attempt was a tactic designed to control her behavior. They told the doctors that they feared for the physical safety of Dupont and her child. Dupont broke up with Daniel while he was still in the ward.
  • Daniel discharged; begins to stalk Dupont at work (March 10, 2005)
  • Upon being discharged, Daniel requested a new psychiatrist and also began psychotherapy with a psychologist, the only witness to testify that the attempted suicide was an aggressive act. Daniel also began to stalk Dupont at the hospital and at home. Her parents interceded to protect her at home.
  • Daniel blackmails Ms Dupont and her father at work
  • On April 5, Dr. Daniel placed potentially embarrassing photos of Ms Dupont on her vehicle parked in the hospital parking lot.  He also confronted Ms. Dupont's father at his workplace, where he threatened to distribute the photos if he was not reimbursed for the funds he had provided for the house. She had returned most of the money, but retained a small percentage for the hardship she had endured as a consequence of his conduct.
  • Hospital cancels Daniel's Security Access Card
  • On April 8th, Ms Dupont attended a meeting of security, supervisory and legal personnel at the hospital at their request to discuss a strategy for dealing with Dr. Daniel following this incident. The employer cancelled Dr. Daniel's security card access, asked him to get therapy and to pick up his mail elsewhere.  Ms. Dupont sought a peace bond.  A final hearing was not scheduled until after her murder.
  • Workplace monitoring contract fails; Dr. Daniel returns to work  (June)
  • During this time, the Physicians Health Program intervened on Dupont's request. It provided a contract specifying that workplace monitors share certain information about Dr Daniel with his psychiatrist.  His psychiatrist, however, neither  received nor requested such information in order to respect doctor/patient confidentiality.  Dr. Daniel reported that he was ready to return to work, the psychiatrist sent a letter of recommendation to the PHP, which sent a letter of support to the Hospital, which reinstated the doctor without consulting the nurses.
  • Hospital does not discipline Dr. Daniel for escalating harassing conduct (June-November)
  • Upon returning to work, Dr. Daniel began harassing the nursing staff. He kissed one nurse on the cheek and offered to rub another's naked back. He continued to be hostile to the nursing manager whom he had verbally abused and the nurse whom he had excluded from the operating room.  He intimidated Ms Dupont by staring intensely at her, both in the recovery room and the lunchroom. One witness saw him body-check her in the hallway one day. The nursing staff feared that he was going to go "postal". The Hospital testified that it did not discipline Daniel for his harassing conduct that breached the memorandum of agreement that he had signed in Jan 2005.  This was because they were viewing his conduct as a symptom of a mental illness requiring treatment, not discipline.
  • On the issue of mental illness, an expert witness at the Inquest testified that "even if the problematic behaviour of a person was due to mental illness the behaviour itself could not be allowed to harm other individuals." (Coroner's explanation of the juror's verdict).
  • In early November, a week before the murder, the PHP case manager was very concerned by her meeting with Dr. Daniel in which the doctor talked obsessively about Ms. Dupont.  She requested that the psychologist reassess Dr Daniel. Unfortunately this did not happen before the murder-suicide
  • Dr. Daniel kills Ms. Dupont and commits suicide
  • On Saturday November 12, 2005, Lori Dupont and Marc Daniel were scheduled to work  together on a skeleton crew. She arrived at work around nine and began preparing the recovery room. Dr. Daniel entered the room and talked to another nurse. When she turned away, he attacked Lori Dupont, stabbing her in the chest multiple times. He then left the building, drove to the waterfront, phoned his wife to admit to the murder and to say goodbye then injected himself with a lethal dose of anesthetic drug.  Lori died of blood loss that morning at 9:27, and Daniel expired three days later.

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