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Human Rights Office

Meeting 11: Accommodation Roundup

Guest Speakers


What legal test does a tribunal need to use when assessing whether another body reasonably considered human rights issue? Trozzi

Under what circumstances can a student sue a University for breach of contract (in its failure to accommodate)?  Jaffer

What must a medical school prove before dismissing a resident with a disability as "unsuitable"? Kelly

What is the difference between accommodating a disability and tolerating eccentric behaviour? Senadheera

How far do Admissions need to accommodate students with disabilities who do not qualify ? Carlisle

Is it discriminatory to deny access to university residence to students who are not enrolled in a degree-granting program due to disability? Gerdson

When is a systemic claim just too big to handle by a Tribunal?  Gerd'son (group claim)

Can a professor bring a dean to court over the latter's overriding the department's accommodations of a student? Lukas

Transgender Issues

Can an employer refuse to accommodate a transgender woman employee who wishes not to change with in the men's change room? (Vanderputten)

Childcare (Family Status)

Does an employer have an obligation to accommodate its employee's childcare requirements?(Johnstone)


Does an employer have an obligation to accommodate eldercare requirements of its employees?(Devaney)