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What is a hate group?

Hate groups are organizations which: spread lies intended to incite hatred toward certain groups of people; advocate violence against certain groups on the basis of sexual orientation, race, colour, religion etc.; claim that their identity (racial, religious etc.) is 'superior' to that of other people; do not value the human rights of other people.

Are you being targeted for recruitment?

When most of us think of hate groups, images of Adolph Hitler, black boots, and swastikas come to mind. We tend to view hatemongering as something of a bygone era that no educated person would be taken in by today. Think again.

Many hatemongers are well educated. Hate groups may use slick advertising and names meant to suggest "freedom", such as "Heritage Front" or "Liberty Net." They try to gain student attention by using inflammatory rhetoric about the superiority and inferiority of races, freedom of speech, and the "evils" of immigration. Often it is only after students are recruited to join such a group that the full mandate of the organization is revealed. It isn't about engaging in academic discussion or protecting freedom of expression for all. It's about spreading irrational hatred and curtailing the rights and freedoms of others.