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Understanding Each Other:  Perceptions of Accent and Authority Among Classroom Instructors At Queen's University

The Human Rights office, working in collaboration with the Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 901 (PSAC 901) and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) has designed an on-line survey aimed at determining if and how educator's accents affect teaching experiences at Queen's.

The survey, Understanding Each Other: Perceptions of Accent and Authority Among Classroom Instructors At Queen's University  includes questions about whether you believe accents affect instructor authority, whether you believe you have an accent (i.e. a manner of speaking that is significantly different from the local manner of speaking), whether you have experienced positive or negative reactions to your accent, whether you feel your authority in the classroom or teaching evaluations have been affected by your accent, etc.  As part of the survey we also invite you to submit your anecdotal experiences on teaching with or without accents at Queen's. The survey is completely anonymous and is open to all educators at Queen's University (i.e. educators with or without an accent).

Please consider taking part in this important and innovative research project.

The Letter of Information for Part I of this project can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Letter of Information Part I

If you have any questions about this research project please feel free to get in contact with Erin Clow (Special Projects Officer - Equity and Human Rights Offices)

If you wish to be involved in this research project please click on the link listed below.

Thank you!


Erin Clow, on behalf of the Understanding Each Other research team.